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Andorra la Vella
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News Around Andorra

Newspaper  headlines in Andorra that may affect you..BPA,New Airport, Casual and often tongue in cheek  0pinions.....

News on the changing laws on Categories of Residency other matters that may affect you
A Personal Message on Residency in Andorra the only truly up to date website

Welcome to my website! My name is Jane Whittaker and I am proprietor of an Andorran registered business called J W Serveis that specialises in relocation and residency.  I am an Andorrana but was born in England. I have been involved in Government administration for over 20 years and this website is now more than 6 years old. Over 26 years ago I fell in love with my ski instructor on a week's holiday, have lived here ever since and have two wonderful teenage sons, a fairy tale movie perhaps!

Some years ago I realised that there was little or no up to date information on Andorra residency  out  there on the internet other than international or internet based organisations so I put together this website to inform you personally about  Andorra  and all the advantages that becoming a resident confers. The response has been one of gratitude really, from Australia to UK, India and all parts of the globe and the main thread of this feedback is " I didn't know Andorra had all this to offer" and "I had heard of Andorra but didn't really know where it was". 

Over the years  I have built up a wealth of experience and knowledge on relocation to Andorra. Every year the rules, regulations, categories of residency become ever more complex. This website prides itself on keeping you informed as these changes happe,  as many of the other websites on this subject are simply out of date and can be misleading.

Only endorsed by the best!!

"When Jane Whittaker arrived in the Principality of Andorra 25 years ago, this tiny country, wedged in the Pyrenees......

New 100% Foreign Ownership of Andorran Companies

Please click here for my sister website, this is for applications to form a company in Andorra, obtain a trading license and apply for active residency. My Associate lawyer will advise you on all legal matters.
Please read about Andorra first on this website and decide what is best for you.

Andorra maion street
New Andorra Euro
HU is head of Andorra
Bang Ki Moon failed to be elected to the Andorra Parliament
It's not often that Andorra makes it to the world headlines!!
Immigration Corner

I have reported on proposed changes to renewal bank certificates that had the potential to cause problems for residents. This has now finally been resolved and any

 change in the wording is cosmetic and has no consequential changes to funds or deposits in and out of the account, that is good news.

On the not so good news front Immigration is more and more difficult to get appointments with for applications and I advise now that ONE MONTH notice be advised to me for potential applicants who are securing the required documents and intending to apply. Last minute applications or short notice are no longer possible.

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Andorra has never been truly publicised, nor have the advantages of becoming a resident, a base in Europe with little or no personal income tax on residents ( Please later read the latest on personal tax"IRPF" which came into effect in January 2015) and an exemption to Schengen visa requirements ( I also have a page dedicated to Schengen vsas). Whether you are retired, have an internet business, are perhaps a consultant and travel, or you have your own business in another country then Andorra, and all its advantages, is probably the least known country on offer in the world, and I would like to invite you to read through my website.

This is a website with a proven personal touch, not an international chain or a Caribbean based expat forum, I live here and have built up over the past 22 years extensive contacts both in Government and with local estate agents. I have successfully relocated many individuals and families from all parts of the globe and am fully experienced in the documentation and have an in-depth knowledge of the Government requirements. I am proud of my ability to be able to help you and I can make your relocation to Andorra painless. I can assure you now that enjoying the benefits of Andorra is just a click away without any obligation and if you decide to proceed I am here personally to help you through the process!

The law has recently changed, you will read conflicting information on other websites, my website is guaranteed to be updated on 
an almost daily basis. The facts and procedure for residency as you read them here are correct.

Everything you need to know about   Andorra can be found here  but if you do have specific questions, please first look through the FAQs. If nothing helps there I would be delighted to hear from you, Email me directly right now and I will get back to you as soon as I have the answer.

Please read on below as to how I can help you in all aspects of relocation, I offer so much more than just an application!

I have also introduced the red arrow to assist in the navigation of  how and what to apply for, so please read on.
I can offer you a "one-stop relocation" to living in Andorra which will include:

  • Free and without obligation initial advice on all aspects of becoming a resident in Andorra

  • Advising on the best hotels and location for you to stay when you visit, and most importantly I will meet you upon your arrival and spend time ensuring that you are familiar with the best aspects that Andorra has to offer,

  • Obtaining for you financial advice from relocation experts in your country of tax domicile to ensure that you take full advantage of becoming a passive or active resident,  whether you are concerned about personal tax liabilities or corporate,

  • Co-ordinating your application including the completion and acceptance by Immigration of the full set of documentation,

  • Arranging viewings to suit your requirements for the rental or purchase of property through reliable partnered estate agents,

  • Arranging the basic insurance cover to satisfy Immigration requirements should this be required,

  • Co-ordinating and arranging schooling for your children,

  • Personally introducing you to a bank manager here and arranging a meeting for you with private investment banking should you wish to discuss investment through Andorran banks

  • Co-ordinating and arranging the removal to Andorra of your furniture and personal effects from anywhere in the world,

  • Assistance in importing cars that you may wish to bring with you or purchase in another country to take advantage of  the available concession for no import tax on cars for newly arrived residents,

  • Personal assistance in connecting and installing electricity, telephone, Internet access (high speed fibre optics for those with internet businesses), satellite dish, local driving license, and that all important ski pass

  • And any other advice on, taxes, local living expenses, access, importing and exporting, local schooling, local wills, local driving licenses, and just about anything relative to your relocation

  • Or if you are just interested in property for investment or a ski holiday home near the pistes, let me act for you and weed out the suitable properties for you to view with a local agent.

  • "Post Application" services not only to see you through the period of settling in, but also to look after all your residential administration, registration, mail, property maintenance requirements and of course the  renewals on the due dates.

    So, just where do I start? Just follow the arrow!       CLICK HERE

Jane Whittaker is our outstanding contact in Andorra. A British expat, she’s extremely well connected, discreet, and savvy.
She’ll help you…….

Jane Whittaker
Gestoria Administrativa
Agent- Andorra
Tel +376 836255  
Fax + 376 837159
(I have had to separate emails as follows:)
E-mail: New Enquiries residency@livinginandorra.com
Existing clients: livinginandorra@gmail.com

Xalet Crozade  -  Xixerella - La Massana
AD 400 - Principat D' Andorra

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Copyrights J W Serveis 2015. All rights reserved

Explore Andorra with renowned journalist Piers Hernu
Piers Hernu, renowned journalist explores Andorra
Sport shop La Massana
living in andorra cartoon
the hiker skier
A personal "one-stop" relocation for you and your family.

Without any obligation I can advise you right now on any subject relevant to Andorra, and if I don't have the answers I will find out for you the same day. Whether it's about moving to Andorra, a holiday home in the ski resorts perhaps, advice on tax issues, importing cars, starting a business and any other personal questions you may have, you can telephone me directly on 00 376 836255, or e-mail me on residency@livinginandorra.com  no filling in boxes to an anonymous website, just ask me, I don't bite!!

Choosing the right person or company to help and to advise in monumental and life changing decisions is the most important factor in relocating to and living in a foreign country, and with this in mind I look forward to hearing from you on any question you may have without obligation….

So, just where do I start? Just follow the arrow!       CLICK HERE

Dear Diary....

If you are intending to make a visit whether preliminary for familiarisation of more importantly for immigration application, i need to make considerable appointments and these can be difficult at the last minute as can be my schedule. I would not wish for you to be disappointed for any visit.

To this end it is important for me to have a least 2-3 weeks’ notice where if possible you could check with me before you are booking a flight or travel plans.

Your contact is very important to me and I strive to offer a much personalised service. Thank you for your consideration.

Brief facts about Andorra

Location:   Southwestern Europe, between France and Spain
Size:    468 sq km

Population: 85,168 (est- 2009)
Currency: Euro
Language:  Catalan (official), French, Spanish
Climate:  Temperate; snowy, cold winters and warm, dry summers .

This link  is the official tourist site  very informative and thorough:

For the hikers amongst you
andorra summer
Items of Interest to Residents

A new interactive traffic and webcam map of  Andorra and local access routes, please click on the icon.

Andorra Air may still be starting flights from La Seu Airport in February 2015, but only to and from Barcelona, read here

Vallnord was again awarded the World Cup 2014 BTT mountain biking. Have look at the official Vallnord video

Great Ski Hire Offer

Allain and Belinda who run Sports Sensacio have kindly agreed again this year to offer clients discounted ski hire and a special honesty box. In this you or your family or visitors can hire the ski equipment for the whole period of a visit and when you hand back the equipment at the end of the period just tell them how many days you actually used them and be charged only for those days. The great advantages of this is that you do not have to hire, hand back re-hire in your days off or if the weather is bad.  Just mention the website to Allain or Belinda and they will sort  everything out for you. The shop in La Massana is near Andbank opposite the ESSO garage....Happy Skiing ( Please see logo Esports Sensacio).


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