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Latest update: 7th November 2018

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Access to Andorra by car, bus or other means

Introduction to Andorra
How do I get to Andorra ?
Recommended Routes

Andorra is accessible from a number of airports, all of which are about 2.5 hours by car or bus with Barcelona being the most accesible and nearest at about two and a quarter hours from the border. AndorraByBus operates a very reliable door to door service from Barcelona, Toulouse and Girona and which can be booked online. For airport details please see here.

There are hire cars in Andorra, Avis and Europcar amongst others. I generally advise to look for a deal from your arrival airport if you are looking at hiring a car, rather than getting the bus here and then hiring. Please check with the carhire company that you have notifed them you will be visiting Andorra just to avoid and small print problems.


If you are driving and have GPS, beware! Please ensure you enter Andorra and confirm Principat D'Andorra, or Andorra La Vella, or at least check that you are heading north, away from the sun. The reason being is that there is another town way down south in Spain called Andorra, and believe me you do not want to go there!

I recommend the route via Calaf and Ponts. The GPS will insist that you go via Berga but I recommend the route through Ponts. I have been told that to enter Ponts in the GPS you need to enter " El Ponts" . Alternatively input the "no tolls" option.If you don't have a GPS click here (PDF format) for printable instructions as to how to avoid getting lost in Barcelona.

If you have problems viewing the pdf please click the icon below and install Adobe Reader.

Items of Interest to Residents

A new interactive traffic and webcam map of  Andorra and local access routes, please click on the icon.

Vallnord was again awarded the World Cup 2017 BTT mountain biking. Have look at the official Vallnord video

Warning on Crime - Barcelona

Most people pass though Barcelona to access Andorra.
Be advised that especially at the airport and other entry points professional criminal gangs  operate. Every week I hear of another incident of bag theft, pickpocket and on the last one they even removed a wheel from the car to avoid being pursued, an attempt was also made on myself recently to steal a bag just 5 minutes after arriving at the airport.
Please exercise extreme caution, do not  leave bags even beside you without a firm grip on them, be aware if any stranger starts asking directions, and be very very cautious at petrol stations. Barcelona is now the crime capital of Europe.
Fortunately Andorra remains an oasi
s  and is  virtually crime free.

Airports in Spain and France accessible to Andorra

Airports in Spain:- Most people choose to arrive or depart from
Spain as it is more accessible, easier driving and better transport connections:-

    Lleida Airport in English

   * Alguaire airport opened 17th January,  LLeida - 158 km (approx.)

     Barcelona Airport Website in English

   * Barcelona airport (El Prat) - 210 km (approx.)

     Girona Airport Website in English

   * Girona airport (Girona) - 250 km (approx.)

     Reus Airport Website in English

   * Reus airport (Tarragona) - 210 km (approx.)

Airports in France:- Be advised that in winter the access to Andorra can be closed for up to a week or more following heavy snow which tends to create an avalanche risk:-

   * Toulouse airport (Blagnac) -

         220 km (approx.)

   * Perpignan airport -

       250 km (approx.)

   * Carcassonne airport-

       230 km  (approx.)

After arrival - Land transport:-


     There is a door to door mini-bus service which used to be called Novatel and is still fondly referred to as such in Andorra
. Andbus runs five times per day ( six in high seasons) from Barcelona, and twice a day from Toulouse and Girona, to any address of your choice in Andorra.

     Direct By Bus

This is another regular service which leaves from the Terminals at Barcelona Airport and goes via Barcelona city  to Andorra. It is a little longer than Andbus and they do not run a door to door service. There are however 8 daily services and if Andbus timings do not suit you then this can be the best option. there is no need to book this regular service.
+376 836255
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