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Latest Update: 11th April 2019

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Andorra Residency Application process

If you are happy with the theory above then let's put theory into practice

Once you have read about the categories available for residency, I advise the following:

If you are intending to relocate with children, please seethis page specifially for families, if not please stay on this page with the following advice:

a)   Contact me for preliminary advice by email. This can be important and may have a bearing on which category of residency and importantly which documents you may or may not be requiring. Each case is relatively unique so individual circumstances need to be understood.

b) Take preliminary steps with compliance to secure in principle a bank account, this is an important first step to take.

c)   Based on the advice above, apply for a police reports from your country of birth, the country of the passport with which you intend to apply, if different from your country of birth (I would need to advise you on that depending on your circumstances), and the country where you currently reside, again if different from your country of birth (BUT speak to me first, this may not be necessary in all cases). Also be advised that from the date of issue of this documents the clock is ticking and you have 3 months from the date of issue of the police certificates to complete and present all the correct documents to Immigration, failing which you will be required to apply for  new  certificates. I must also be informed if there is any conviction listed whatsoever (including driving offences) as an additional procedure is required to be followed.

Take note that if you left your country of birth at school age we may be able to circumvent the requirement for the police report from your country of origin, again it is necessary that you contact me about this.

Please also note that one or more previous convictions does not at all prevent you from applying for residency and, unless very serious, should not hinder your application. Clean police reports do NOT have to be translated if in Spanish, French, or English, but if there are previous convictions, they will need to be translated into Catalan.

d)  Once you have received the police reports and at the same time of legalising or Apostillising them you should legalise or Apostillise your marriage certificate whether or not your spouse is accompanying you. There is a difference here, if your spouse is not accompanying you then just have your original marriage certificate apostillised, but if she is accompanying you then you must apply to your registry for a NEW certified copy which must have the issue date and then this certficate has the three month from date of issue rule as with police reports, I will guide you on this.

e) We can discuss your property requirements and start to prepare a shortlist of viewings based on your requirements for your intended visit. As part of my relocation package I offer my local advice and knowledge to choose the right area and suitable properties with local registered and reliable agents.

Explore Andorra with renowned journalist Piers Hernu
Piers Hernu, renowned journalist explores Andorra
DIARY CHECK: Contact me some weeks before you intend to travel so I can arrange a schedule for you.

It is important to agree dates in advance with me, there are appointments that need to be made and are not always easy. The best thing is to suggest your plan before you book so I can ensure that you have both my full attention and also that you are not disappointed in the other areas required. It is advisable in many cases to make two visits to Andorra, the first to open a bank account and consider property whilst you are perhaps waiting for documents to be Apostillised/ Legalised, and the second for the actual application with everything in place. If you choose to complete in one visit you should be here for a complete week, Sunday to Saturday, if two visits, allow 3-4 days for the first visit and perhaps 2-3 days for the second.

To assist your planned visit to Andorra please check this guide here for access and how to get here.

The procedure then follows these guidelines:

For those applicants on the first visit ( Whether or not you intend to complete in one or two visits):

We will meet in the first instance and if you have not visited Andorra before I will arrange places for you to stay ( If not arranged in advance) and to visit areas and villages  to get a feel for the country.

  • We can open a bank account in Andorra, I can make all the necessary appointments for you. Bank accounts are now proving to be a major hurdle and can take up to 4- 5 weeks in extreme cases, thus it is important for me to advise you on documentary requirements. We can start the bank process in advance where urgent but face to face meetings for the banks are prima facie, the golden rule is 100% transparency. Please refer to the page on Andorran banks.
  • We can look at property and set in motion any purchase or rental agreement based on property requirements for which I will have prepared a shortlist of viewings for you through a registered agent.
  • Discuss a time frame and provide guidance on the documentary requirements

For the second visit (or a continuation of the first where appropriate):

  • We will complete the local required application forms and they are all done in Catalan. At that point also we can go over and clarify all aspects of your application.
  • We will apply for the local health insurance if the declaration required cannot be obtained with your current insurer.

  • We will ensure we have collected the correct local documents required including the bank certificate, health certificate, rental/purchase contract,

  • We will file the application at an appointment with Immigration that I will have booked for you.

  • The following day you will complete the medical interview and finally complete the transfer for the Government bond. Once accepted by Immigration you application is approved and your card will be issued in 3-5 weeks.

  • If required we can also discuss the import of cars from your current country of residence, the Government allows tax free concessions in the first 12 months for the import of a maximum of two cars that you already own.

  • Once the application is approved and the card issued I can collect it for  you. There is then a follow up procedure that I can do for you at the local ComĂș to complete the paperwork at Immigration.

  • I can also arrange  utility contracts, and I can look after other miscellaneous matters that do not necessarily require your physical presence here.

So what do I do next
I would like to explore further, it seems Andorra has considerable advantages for myself and my family. Click here and email me right now, all circumstances  are individual and I do want to ask some specific questions, or just get the ball rolling!
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