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A Beautiful and Diverse Country
I am greatful for client feedback. The greatest reward for me is seeing previous clients from the first email to picking up their children from school, fully integrated into Andorra!
From the initial contact, throughout the whole relocation arrangements, and until the conclusion of our immigration process Jane and her team have provide us with an invaluable service and attention. Their professionalism and availability gave us the peace of mind necessary in order to deal with all the challenges and pitfalls of moving to a different country and all the bureaucratic maze everybody must deal with.

We would like to thank all the Living in Andorra team for their support and effort and I am already referring it to all people interested in coming to Andorra.


I just wanted to say that I regularly sing your praises - I think you two do a fantastic job and in my mind, are hands down 'the best' and I am very grateful for the sound footing you put me on here in Andorra.    So a big thanks to you both!


Prior to contacting Jane I had been considering the move to Andorra for almost two years.  During that time I regularly checked Jane’s website, finding the information, comprehensive, practical, and just as important with all the legal changes taking place, up to date.
After visiting Andorra and meeting with Jane, I was convinced that it was the right move for me. Since coming here she has professionally handled and advised on all aspects of the move, from residency application to ensuring that we had electric, heating oil and internet when we moved into our house. Jane has made what I assumed would be a difficult process both straightforward and swift. I would have no hesitation in recommending her services.


I came to an unfamiliar place facing an unfamiliar process and Jane skilfully held my hand every step of the way. She obviously has strong established relationships with good people in all key areas (real estate agents, banks, etc.) who stand ready to help as if specially trained.  After a few days in Andorra with Jane's assistance I felt very comfortable and ready to settle. Jane is a perfect advisor, guide, and hostess in a perfect place that is Andorra.


After evaluating several countries, we selected Andorra to be our next place of residence.

I came across Jane’s website and have been using it as a  reference since the beginning, eventually contacted Jane for general advice. Right from the beginning she was very friendly and offered accurate advice, despite the turbulent times of new law changes. Jane has excellent contacts all over the country and her information is truly objective, unbiased and up to date. She is very honest and it is clear that her goal is getting her clients residency in the most straightforward manner.

Jane will review all of the necessary documents via email, which greatly adds to the comfort that everything will go well once the application is formally lodged, i.e. there is no risk of last minute nasty surprises. Andorra is a small country where one cannot afford to burn bridges – it is obvious that Jane has been frank and professional all those years.

Bottom line, if you want reliable service that maximises the chances of obtaining residency in painless fashion, contact Jane.


I decided to relocate to Andorra in January 2012 and at the end of February 2012 I was a passive resident in Andorra thanks to the very professional assistance of Jane Whittaker.
Before I met Jane in Andorra I had only read her web-site once and I was not sure what to think about it but after meeting Jane in Andorra I was very rapidly convinced that she knew what she was doing and that she had all the knowledge and experience necessary to make my transfer to Andorra as smooth as possible.
After our first meeting I was convinced that it would be much easier for me to relocate to Andorra with her assistance and I have not for a single moment regretted that I asked Jane to assist me, if something was unclear and I had to ask about something she always answered very quickly on E-mails or phone-calls to have any matter solved.
The money spent for Jane's assistance is well worth it, I have most likely saved a lot of time, money and agony using her services, I think it is unlikely that my move to Andorra would have been so smooth without Jane.
I can strongly recommend Jane Whittaker's services, it is safe, she is reliable and trustworthy, from the beginning it is very clear what you will pay and what you must do to prepare for your move, she gives good advice without taking away your right to make your own choice, you will however most likely end up following her advice, she knows Andorra and how it works.

Just one advice to future residents of Andorra, when you ask for your police-report make sure that your local authorities/police-offices in your homelands knows how to Apostille a document and/or where to go to have a document Apostilled, it might save you some time and agony to have this procedure done right the first time.
My local police-office did not know what an Apostille was, I asked Jane where to go to have my document Apostilled, within a few hours I knew where to go to have this procedure done in my homeland and in my residential land.

"Let Jane Take The Strain" !!

Good luck!


Hi Jane and Jerry

My husband and I want to thank you for your professionalism and availability during the entire immigration process from Qatar and advice on everything we needed.  You made the requirements and the procedures clear to us, so that we could accomplish our goal of acquiring passive residency in a  few months.

Your advice to make 2 trips to Andorra was beneficial.  On the first trip, we met you, found a rental property and saw how beautiful Andorra is.    On the second trip, we were armed with required documents, chauffered (thanks) to official appointments and had some familiarity with this Pyreenean Paradise.

You made this "paper chasing" experience practically free of frustration and even fun.


I moved to Andorra from France in May 2011 with the invaluable help of Jane Whittaker from J.W. Serveis.

She organize my relocation in 1 month. In fact, in April 2011, I stayed in Andorra for 2 days during which i signed all documents for Andorra's administration already filled for myself by Jane and I had time to find a flat to rent with the fiber optical network (necessary for my job).
All was already well prepared: the appointment with the administration and with the real estate agency. I had prior to the meeting made a preliminary selection thru internet of what could suit me to avoid any bad surprise and in two days, the job was done. One month later, she called me back to tell me that my green card of resident was ready ! That's it. Jane just did all what must be done with a high efficiency.

Later in June, I change my driving licence for an Andorra one and Jane prepared every documents for me, pick me up at my flat, go with me to the administration and even bring me back my new driving licence. It's simple, moving here was so easy with Jane knowledge of people and administration that i can't understand why people are ready to struggle doing their relocation alone.
I strongly recommend to everyone thinking to relocate to Andorra to work with Jane.


I recently moved to Andorra.

Prior to making the move, I could have saved myself a lot of time, hassle and expense had I contacted Jane Whittaker's Company sooner. Jane has lived in Andorra for many years, and has a wealth of knowledge on the country and the legal complexities and requirements needed to make a successful move.

I was greatly impressed with the professional manner in which the initial assistance by telephone and e-mail was provided, for example to get things moving, home country reports are required as a first stage to the move. All Jane's fees are clearly laid out to begin with and you know from the outset what the initial professional and legal fees are likely to be. What was useful to me was that a lot of the preparation and leg work needed had been done for me prior to my arrival, and this was particularly helpful as the trips I made were time limited on my part and I needed to get things done and sorted as quickly as possible prior to flight's back home.

Jane is a dedicated professional who will support you throughout the process of the move. She is conscientious, reliable, and dependable and provides all assistance to make the move to Andorra stress free.

I can confidently recommend Jane and the team of expert contacts she has built over the years who are needed to complete legal requirements for example government documentation, banking, finding somewhere to live, insurance requirements,  legal documentation, infrastructure assistance with electricity contracts, utilities, telephone and similar.

If you are considering a move to Andorra then look no further, having made the move myself and gone through the process I am indebted to Jane and her team and cannot thank her enough for her honesty, competence, integrity and professional skills in which all business was conducted.  The excellent support and assistance provided was a major factor in a successful move.


"My wife and I are English but moved from Brussels to Andorra in September 2010. After the bureaucracy of moving to and living in Brussels we were concerned about another move so decided to do some research to see if we could get some help, particularly since Andorra is a non-EU country. From the very initial conversation Jane was extremely helpful and was able to explain the process, costs and timings of a potential move to Andorra.

The main point I want to make is that the service we received is extremely good value for money considering Jane organised everything from house viewings, rental contract, bank accounts, immigration meetings, driving licenses, health insurance, tax advice, contents insurance and removals amongst other things. It is also worth mentioning the timing of the process. We didn't want to have to make several trips to Andorra since my wife was pregnant and I also couldn't afford the time. Jane was able to explain the likely timing of each key part of the process and what we would need to do to ensure we were successful in applying for residency.

Since we have moved we have met various people that have tried to struggle through the immigration process on their own and I do not envy them. Even worse it seems that some companies are giving false advice that leads to unnecessary expenditure and lengthy delays. My wife and I were greatly impressed by Jane's casual and professional attitude and genuine desire to help. Since we have moved here we are even more grateful for her services given other's experiences.

If you are considering a move to Andorra for whatever reason we cannot recommend this service enough. "


Dear Jane - We would just like to thank you for all the work you did helping us obtain our Passive Residency in Andorra. It would have been extremely difficult without you. It was not enough that you speak fluent Catalan, but that you knew the procedures thoroughly and, it seemed, all the Andorran officials concerned. Even with your assistance there were several difficult hurdles to cross, but you simply dealt with these with good humour and patience. You also made us feel welcome and at home. Even when we had questions about other issues you were always happy to give us advice and guidance.

Obviously there are significant tax advantages to achieving Passive Residency in Andorra, but I have to say the winter skiing, summer mountain walks and the great socially life all make the experience worthwhile. We are delighted with the way we have settled into Andorra and consider you to be one our first Andorran friends.

P.S. Great website.


A few months ago I decided to seek passive residency in Andorra.  I had searched the internet for every bit of information I could find about ‘living in Andorra as an expat” and individuals or agencies available to provide assistance in negotiating the legal and often mundane challenges of the paperwork process (especially for someone like me that does not speak Spanish).    I found several companies and individuals who promised help in acquiring passive residency.   As I searched further, I discovered that most of those offering services were not even living in Andorra.   In addition, the prices for their services varied considerably, some as high as 3,500 Euros.   Some ask you to send them money in advance, as a deposit!    There are many scams out there, so be careful.   I have learned over the years that because someone has a fancy website it is no guarantee of quality service (or any service at all).  

When I found Jane Whitaker’s website ( I was immediately impressed by her personal, down-to-earth approach.   If I had any concern, it was that her price was significantly lower than anyone else.     I emailed, then called and spoke to her directly.   She was immediately helpful, taking all my phone calls, and never once asked for a deposit.    Jane lives in Andorra with her family and speaks both English and Catalan fluently.    I found her not only professional, but just as caring and personal as her website reflected.      

Jane emailed me the forms I needed and a very detailed description of what was involved in the process of acquiring passive residency in Andorra.   A month later I scheduled a flight to Barcelona, rented a car and drove to Andorra. (Helpful hint:  either rent a car with a GPS or purchase a small Garmin GPS for navigating in Europe, especially out of airports and around crowded cities).   I accepted Jane’s recommendation on hotel accommodations (Hotel Montane) and could not have been more satisfied.     Jane was there to greet me at the hotel when I arrived and outlined my itinerary for the week.    Within the week I had all my paperwork submitted, found a furnished apartment, had a bank account, and only needed to wait a few more days for the required physical exam at the local hospital.    Jane was there every step of the way and I readily admit I could not have done it without her expertise.    Because she lives in Andorra, she knows everyone; speaks the language, knows the geography, where to purchase needed items, and the best restaurants!     I anticipated ‘glitches’ but there were none!    

Andorra is beautiful with modern shops, friendly people, and every amenity you want.   One month later, I now have my passive residency ‘green card’, a nice apartment, cable tv, internet, phone, bank account, health insurance, and the beginning of a solid group of friends in Andorra.      This is a decision you will not regret.


"Hi Jane, thanks for making me feel so welcome and talking me through the procedures for residency. I was really surprised that we also got so much done on my fist short visit. You've made the whole move much less daunting for me"

Mike from Brighton

+376 836255
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