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Andorra news for Cynics. Where is Andorra airport?

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What the .........???

The annual archives have now been reproduced by popular demand. Note that they are in a "as they were" format so you can follow various stories such as the BPA scandal, or try the Andorra casino, and the headline spouting Andorra Airport, amongst a host of others.

In the beginning...well it was 2012!  

Have a read of the old articles. It is interesting to see how things (mostly) have not developed at all!

2012 News Around Andorra archives "13th December 2012 Andorra goes smoke free"

2013 News Around Andorra archives "9th April 2013. Speeding fines, to pay or not to pay?"

2014 News Around Andorra archives "10 September 2014- Referendum, now Andorra is talking about it!"
Andora with two r`s?
2015 News Around Andorra archives "16th July 2015 - Never mind the Brexit or Grexit...."

2016 News Around Andorra archives "4th February 2016 - James Bond 007 is back starring the Andorra Head of Government, Antoni Marti in the final epic "The Andorra Referendum"

2017 News Around Andorra archives "22nd February 2017: Football: Andorra v San Marino, statistically the worlds worst teams meet in an epic decider."

2018 News Around Andorra archives "23rd January 2018 - Sexual malfunction crisis in Andorran delegation to EU."

2019 News Around Andorra archives "5th July 2019 - Andorra Roundabout Mayhem."

There be devils at the gate
Devils who broadcast the seeds of hate
Devils setting brother against brother
Setting son against mother
Few or none are elected
Fewer still are respected
Your gullibility and mine
Provides codeine for their conscience
And a codpiece for their spine.

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20th September 2020.... Dog license proposal

Andorra is barking mad over a new proposal to introduce a dog tax for owners. Over 3,000 people have signed a petition against such a move. The license proposed will be based on the size and species of a dog which means that a Great Dane will be rather more expensive than a Chihuahua. At this stage it is just a proposal but another tax creepeth in, and an indirect tax as that as the dog does not get to pay it!

September 7th 2020, Andorra on the map again but not for the right reasons perhaps...

The Andorra Hustle, the latest blockbuster where BPA closure was manufactured by Spanish Intelligenc e to decapitate the leadership of the Catalan independence movement. The closure of BPA was a mistake, it was an innnocent party set up to fail with politcal motives. Truth r fiction?  You can watch the film here....

1st September 2020  Duty free imprt crackdown into Andorra...

We have all drawn up to the Spanish and French side of the border to get our tax retrun slips stamped and then headed on into Andorra without any declaration. Maybe few people know that any imported goods where tax is claimed back and the goods have a value of more than 300 euros MUST be declared at the Andorra side for the 4.5% import tax. Also regardless of whether you claim back any tax the personal allowance that you can bring into Andorra is 900 euros and if the value is higher then again you are obliged to stop and declare the goods. Well may be it is the COVID conundrum in that Governments around the world are looking for ways to help pay for the mess, that Andorra has announced a crackdown with increased random checks. It is not expected to be a stop and open the boot check as that would cause chaos but beware, especially of fines which they are considering as well as lowering the whole allowance to 300 euros regardless together with possible declarations as per some countries flight arrivals require. Realistically all that may happen is that Andorra will impose more stop and question with searches and tax enforcement, maybe they should start with some publicity and especially clearly marked warning signs at borders.

27th August 2020 ..Casino Andorra... what a surprise...

After many years of planning (you can read the history here), including allegations of corruption, undercutting of bids, approval withdrawals, missing footbridges, amorous encounters and private detectives, defamation, court cases  and other inevitable shenanigans that run concurrently with such places of "ill repute", approval for the casino license has finally been given to (yes surprisingly!!!) a local company called JOCS SA. They have announced that they intend to open the casino by the summer of 2022. JOCS SA is reported to include a former Mayor of Ordino, the head of a local construction company, president of the automobile club Andorra, Bingo star's president and a host of other pretty well-known names in the highflying circles of Andorra. The definition of a casino has been said to be a convenient mechanism for the transfer of wealth from the greedy and stupid, to the greedy and intelligent... Let's see. At least we may be able to lay a bet on when they will get round to building the La Massana bypass, perhaps place the casino in Ordino then the bypass will be assured....

20th August 2020 Prostitutes in La Seu cause surge in COVID cases in Andorra..

At least this may be the headlines a week or so from here as it is announced that a worrying surge in cases in La Seu D' Urgell, the market border town to Andorra, has been identified as coming from "places of nightime entertainment" and amongst those places is an apartment of ill repute. Nuff said !!

22nd July 2020... Spanish nightclubs demand 20 billion euros compensation.

With the approval of the EU recovery loans and grants of an astonishing 750 billion euros, the association of Spanish nightclubs got in quickly and has demanded that a significant sum is chucked their way in compensation for the lockdown and the continuing closure orders, to the tune of 20 billion euros. Well no wonder the more frugal members of the EU are concerned about how this huge sum of money will be spent, they need to wonder no longer !! 20 billion euros is actually 40-50 times what it is costing the Andorran Government for the financial measures relating to the lockdown. I suppose nightclubs in Spain are an important part of the culture there, but 20 billion, really ???

20th July 2020.. World record breath test right here in Andorra!

A 46 year old resident was pulled over for a breath test yesterday (The camapign is on at the moment) and recorded an astonishing 5,14 grams of alcohol (g/l) in his blood stream, and this is a world record. With that amount of alcohol as researched below he should have been at least in a coma, not in a car. He must have been completely trolleyed, bladdered, trousered, wellied, ratted, s**t-faced and the rest all at the same time. 5.14 g/l is over 0.5% blood alcohol content and over 109 mmol/L. Scientific analysis of samples this high suggest:-

0.400–0.500 mg/L    86.80–108.5 mmol

  • Coma
  • Possibility of death
  • Severe central nervous system depression
  • Respiratory failure

>0.50 mg/L   >108.5 mmol

  • High possibility of death

July 9th 2020... Tobacco, the latest vicitm of COVID 19

It seems that this year’s tobacco crop in Andorra is the latest victim of Covid 19, not that it is caught the virus, but it seems that up to 80% of this year’s crop may have to be abandoned. Apparently during the seedling process before they were planted and due to the lockdown the appropriate pesticides and treatments were not administered and consequently they are suffering from some horrible fungus which is literally killing the tobacco leaf as can be seen in the photo below taken in Anyòs. There seems to be no precedent as to what the outcome will be, normally there is a degree of insurance which farmers take out against the elements, but it appears that insurance claims may not be covered in this area. Also, whether there will be financial assistance is a matter under discussion.
Andorra tobacco dying from fungus

July 4th 2020.. COVID news.....Andorra finally makes an international list and then doesn't

After the list of 63 or so countries that have quarantine exemption for UK citizens was announced, Andorra finally made it onto a list and alphabetically appeared at the top...

Then, when it correctly points out that UK citizens need to check reciprocal arrangements, it all comes crashing down again (with Andorra again alphabetically at the top).....

Did anyone actually ask?? As a reminder Andorra is open to all nationalities (many albeit with quarantine), that is IF you can get here!!

July 2020....The Rwanda puzzle...

Why is Rwanda on that list of 15 countries?? Answers on a postcard...

The map opposite shows where Rwanda is. The capital is Kigali, plastic bags are banned and it is home to the largest population of Mountain Gorillas.

Of the 45 countries in Africa Rwanda is number 23 for virus figures, almost the middle of the table, above such countries as Uganda, Chad, Mauritius, Namibia , and the list goes on, in fact you can see the Africa list here.  Number of cases 1,025 !

                                              Its all irrelevant anyway, the airport is closed there!

I don't know any Rwandans, am sure they are very nice people but who are making up these lists ..............please??

1st July 2020... Naturlandia limps on

I have reported here before the financial operations of Naturlandia in 2015, 2016 and followed the story on to 2017. Well after the lockdown they are up and running again sort of. It seeems though that they were more preoccupied with then birth of four bears in the park than applying for financial assistance (ERTO) for the multitude of staff on their payroll, not forgetting the 10,000 euros per month of Directors.  The quality of the restaurant as per the unfortunate people who visited it is clearly available on tripadvisor. The company that holds Naturlandia is largely owned by the Comú of Sant Júlia and by extension that is public money. The finances are about as transparent as the mess the four brown bears leave behind, but in 2017 they were 5.4 million in the red and in 2018, 7.9 million euros ( Financial Research courtesy of Miquel Calsina).  Now after the lockdown and with restricted opening the chances of making any dent in the operating costs is simply not going to happen.  It is time to be realistic and dissolve the company since the shares are worthless. Incidentally when they do close I would suggest Vallnord looks at buying the Tobotronc, it could be an interesting addition to the bike park in La Massana???

July 1st 2020... Cirque de Soleil collapses but can still manage to do Andorra

It is sometimes strange what is put into the local press, the Cirque de Soleil has become a victim of the pandemic and has collapsed and filed for bankruptcy in Canada with debts of around 900 million US$ and 4,000 of the "workforce" sacked. This does not however stop the press reporting that the Ministry of Tourism here is still hopeful that the company will honour the 2021 and 2022 appearances in Andorra already contracted. Just what is expected to appear must remain a concern, and be careful of those advance purchase tickets !

June 26th 2020.. the COVID washup

Covidiots, Zoom buddies, bubbles, support bubbles, IgG positives, Madridiots, and the rest are well understood terms which several months ago would have made you believe that you were on another planet.

We have been in lockdown, some drinking disinfectant, most clapping, all been labelled odd or even, been pricked on the finger by an unknown person in a Hazmat suit, done virtual cuddling, repeating incessantly “can you hear me” over the video app, given up explaining to Grand Parents how to use WhatsApp, made the dog suffer with 12 walks each day.

We have shouted out, called out and passed out, we have learnt how to make bread with beer, pizzas, and quiches, we have all Googled antibody test results and forwarded thousands of jokes and videos you thought were funny. We have watched box series until we had square eyes, cleaned out old cupboards, sneaked out for some fresh air during the over 70s slot and waited impatiently for the release of any new film.
Most people’s Catalan vocabulary has improved with the learning of masqueretes, the dancing and singing of the moral boosting Circulació who had no tickets to issue, bought shed loads of hand gel, and decorated balconies discovered for the first time.

So, what happens now in the “new normal”?
As countries in Asia who proudly announced they had beaten the virus go back into lockdown, would those in Europe be happy to return to the previous paragraph? Is Europe so hell bent on getting the tourist industry back up and running that they are doing so too soon and we all face a second wave? Should we just learn to live with it and accept that anyone under 45 years little risk of complications? Should we just accept it has not been nor will be an extinction event? Or is this just a rehearsal and the virus is about to mutate such ferocity as the Spanish flu that killed up to 50,000,000 people in the second wave, where it returned to those who were not affected in the smaller first wave?
The new daily rate of global new infections continues to rise by over a million new cases per week, Europe and the world are opening up to avoid further economic collapse, the worst on that front is yet to come by a long way.

Stay safe.....

25th June 2020... The repayment of the Government borrowing starts with inflation busting rise in traffic fines

The Automobile Club of Andorra has been pushing for an increase in Andorran moving offence fines for many years and now the plan has been approved and is expected to be law at the end of the year. The highway code of Andorra entered into law in 1999 when fines for speeding were still in Pesetas. The only change was  translating Pesetas to Euros, that is why currently people are always amazed at an amount of say 24.04 EUR. The old fine minimum was 2,000 pesetas for fines in excess of 10km/h (12.02 EUR - the minimum is currently 24.04). The new fines will start at 100 EUR with 60 EUR increases in each 10 km/h speeding. Also the use of mobile phones will soon attract fines of 200 EUR minimum. You cannot get back from the pub on a bicycle or a horse anymore since alcohol checks will also be carried out on these!! They are also considering taking licenses away as in other countries for three or more fines within a 6 month period.  Is this the first hint of tax increases to come???

June 17th 2020

Somebody had better explain to them that Salmon do not have wings and may smell if hanged out on these racks....

20th March 2020...


"The city’s police force confirmed two men tried to storm the Terminal 1 building at 5am local time on Friday.

The men got as far as the food court in the building, and were reportedly shouting Islamist slogans before the were quickly arrested.
Police are not treating the incident as a terrorist attack. "

What? Give me a break !!!!

20th January 2020 Andorra minimum salary lower than Spain for the first time

The latest increase in the minimum wage in line as always with last years CPI rate translates into a 3.2% pay rise for those concerned. In 2015 I did a comparison with other EU countries and Andorra was bang in the middle, with Spain sadly lacking behind. All has changed and for the first time the Spanish minimum wage surpasses Andorra:-

However, note that the minimum monthly wage in Spain is in fact 950 euros per month, Andorra is now 1083.33 per month. The difference is that an employee in Spain must receive 14 months salary, presumably a Christmas bonus.
So what you may say?  Well when you take into account the cost of rentals in Andorra the plot thickens. A basic rental in Andorra La Vella is twice the price of Lleida and three times that of Girona. With so many people now shooting down to Mercadona over the border to do the weekly shop it all adds up to the fact that Andorra is going to start having problems recruiting its´ army of waiters and the likes. Salaries for workers in all fields from hotels to shops, offices to industry have and still are on a minimum wage mentality in Andorra, something will have to change.

3rd January 2020 Is this really ART ???

There has been a steady increase in what someone thinks is art. Around Andorra this style is appearing, obviously appealing to the Comú where getting a legitimate advertising sign for your business proves a night mare. BUT, this at an international ski resort ??? What does your 5 year old think of it? I am aware of petitions to get this removed, its not art just offensive rubbish and does Andorra no praise whatsoever. The petition to remove this "art" should extend to the "artist" and to whoever authorised its display. Nuff said.
What the .........???
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