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Elections and the Governing Party

Introduction to Andorra
Democrats win another 4 years of absolute majority, but only due to 17 votes in the Parish of Ordino
In the last National and Parish elections in 2015 in spite of a charge by the Liberals the Democrats, the incumbent party headed by Tony Martí, secured another four years with an absolute majority.

This allows the Democrats to continue with their fiscal model with a view to ever closer negotiations with the EU. It seemed that the Liberals had secured the parish of Ordino thus denying the Democrats an overall majority, however at the final count the Democrats pinched Ordino with 17 votes and those two Consellers elected ensured the overall majority.

In Andorra the Parliament consists of 28 Consellers, two are elected from each of the seven parishes and 14 are elected by the national vote. In 2011 the Democrats had a landslide overall majority, although they have lost seven councillors in this election their overall majority will ensure that their policies continue: The Democrats hold 15 of the 28 seats with the opposition parties holding the remaining 13, please see the pie chart adjacent.

Those of us who were expecting or who might have been hoping for a change in direction towards less taxes, less regulation and less integration to the EU must now wait another four years. There is talk during this Parliament of a referendum to determine the future relationship with the EU, this is yet to be determined.

The Democrats have pledged that there will be no tax increases or new taxes introduced during the lifetime of this Parliament. The IRPF in its present format is here to stay other than superficial amendments.

The turnout was disappointing with only a 65.6% turnout. This is about 8% less than 2011 in terms of registered voters. On top of the 65.6% that did vote, a staggering 6.61%, or 1,064 voters returned the blank slip in the voting envelope. This compares to 523 voters, or 3.22% using the blank slip protest vote in 2011.

When one compares how close the country came ( 17 votes) to preventing an overall majority of the Democrats, the turnout and protest element shows considerable apathy in the democratic system here. Perhaps any referendum may awaken those with heads in the sand!  ( I better stop here!).
Andorra Parishes
Elections 2015 - The Facts

The elections for 2015 will be held on March 1st. Campaigning finishes today, 27th February,and then tomorrow 28th February is the traditional day of reflection.

Postal votes are for the first time allowed in Andorra from those elglible to vote from overseas, and 100 such voters have been registered.

28 posts of Consellers are up for grabs, 14 direct from the Parishes, that is 2 from each Parish, and 14 elected from the proportional vote.  In addition the voting is also to choose the political setup of the Parishes and who runs what at grass roots level.

The electoral register is closed. It is only open to Andorran citizens and not those who only have residency. There are a total of 24,509 registered electors for 2015 ( Please refer to chart opposite). 

Voters have been allowed to vote early since 16th February at the High Court. There seems to be a steady stream of voters who prefer not to run the gauntlet of the traditional vote at the Parishes.

The Political parties registered for the vote are:

  • Demòcrates per Andorra,  headed by  Antoni Martí i Petit. ( Incumbent Head of Government)
  • Junts, That is the coalition of the Partit Socialdemòcrata d'Andorra, Verds d'Andorra (The Greens)  and a party called  Iniciativa Ciutadana i lead by Pere López Agràs.
  • Socialdemocràcia i Progrés, lead by Víctor Naudi Zamora.
  • Liberals d'Andorra, lead by  Josep Pintat i Forné.
  • And at the Parish level an Independent party called  Unió Laurediana, a Sant Julià de Lòria.

An official list of the parties and candidates can be found here: http://www.eleccions.ad/

The gauntlet has been thrown down by the Liberals. Albert Pintat the head of the Liberals have questioned the fiscal model of the incumbent Government. They  state that Andorra has had 152 laws passed in the last Government and that compares to 52 in Spain . 

They believe the fiscal model adopted is wrong and that Andorra is losing its identity. They are particularly wary of the CDIs with Spain and France ( signed but not yet ratified). They are offering an alternative route to that of ever more closer links with the EU but in my mind have failed to really specify an alternative path. 

The incumbent Democrats state that a vote for them is a vote for Andorra to continue into the modern world and ever closer ties with the EU and OECD models and to maintain the curect fiscal path and objectives.  On 12 Feb they announced that they would go down the path of further and possible full integration with the EU trying to secure the best possible deal for Andorra and having a referendum. 

The "Junts" want to put in a higher rate of tax for high earners and offer the usual enhancing of workers rights, the work place and incapacity employment benefits. They have suggested a higher tax rate of 20% for earners over 120,000 euros and an increase in the single allowance from 24,000 to 40,000.

Opinion polls don't really exist in any rekiable pointers but there wil be a strong protest vote against the Democrats who have introduced the unpopular policiesof IRPF and others. Whether they can secure another overall majority is questionable, a coalition perhaps or if the protest vote is strong enough then there just might be a Liberal Government with a change in direction that they have indicated. All in all it has been a lack lustre campaign with all parties concentrating on policies at Parish level, Monday morning the answer wil be there to see!

Personal opinion ( only!) so far: If only passive residents had the vote it may well help secure the Liberals for a landslide, although they may have let the side down by promising to resurrect the possibility of an airport in Andorra ( How many times have we heard that ?)  In any case where could they do the maintenance on the A380 Airbusses from the Middle East? ( Just some of the feedback in the papers!).
Does the DA really want to row the  boat after and board  the Titanic ?

 Any comments are welcome !!

Historical Growth of Electors in Andorra by Total and by Parish ( click to enlarge)
This is a consolidated list of the parties at National and Parish levels
Please click to enlarge.

A Reminder of the last Elections held on April 3rd 2011

Election results and what they meant for the future of Andorra.

Toni Martin at the head of Democrats for Andorra (DA) has achieved an overwhelming majority with 55.15% of votes in the national list and a win in all parishes.  The Social Democratic Party (PS) headed by the ousted Head of Government, James Bartumeu was left with 34.80%  losing six seats and with the share of the vote down ten points compared to 2009. Eusebi Nomen APC has been left out of the General Council with a 6.71% and the Greens Andora Isabel Lozano returned 3.35%.

Toni Martí, therefore, will be the next Head of Government for the next four years.

The outgoing Head of Government of the Social Democrats Party, James Bartumeu,  acknowledged they were aware of the difficulty of governing in times of crisis and the economic policies that have led to unpopularity such as information sharing or tax reform. The Party lost 10% of their vote, and have lost  territorial representation in all parishes.

Democrats for Andorra won a landslide victory, taking every parish in which they stood and winning the national vote, giving them 21 out of the 28 General Council's seats, the biggest victory in the country's history.[7] The Social Democrats lost all their parish seats and held only five national seats, while Lauredian Union returned to the General Council, winning the parish of Sant Julià de Lòria. Andorra for Change lost all their seats, and the Greens finished last, gaining no seats..

The new policy towards the EU states:-

"Europa ha de ser una oportunitat i no una amenaça per als ciutadans d’Andorra"
" Europe has to be an opportunity and not threaten the citizens of Andorra"

The party promises to be open and review accords made by the outgoing party. The party is good for business, tourism and above all immigration. One of the corner stones of their policy is to not only allow foreign investment here but to attract such investment.

And a reminder of the 2009 election results

Below is the state of the parties after the April 2009 elections. Although another election was not due until 2013, an early one was called for 3rd April 2011 due to political stalemate.

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