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A letter from a reader and investor at BPA
Dear Sir

Much has been written in your web page recently concerning the sorry saga of BPA. As somebody who has closely followed events since it all began in early March and is very concerned about the outcome, I am dismayed that now your government and opposition party are attacking each other instead of trying to work together to solve the issue to hand as quickly as possible. The INAF seem to be doing little, their only notice on the BPA website dated the 12th March being out of date, and their two press releases being very uninformative, together with the new AREB that, as far as I am aware are saying nothing!
I'm sure that it is a very worrying time for Andorra, your other banks, and especially the employees of BPA. But what about the honest investors who have had no access to their accounts with BPA for over two and a half months now, myself being one. Instead of precise decisions being made by those responsible, it would appear to be becoming a total fiasco! 

I wish your politicians would have a thought for those of us that decided to invest in Andorra's financial system and act accordingly. It is very difficult having my income from my investment portfolio with BPA cut completely with no clear date if/when it will be restored, while most of the decision makers in Andorra appear to be running around like headless chickens!
Yours faithfully
Clive Du Cros
Islas Balears

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