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Andorra Airport - The inside story

The saga of Andorra airport dates back to 1984, however as that was before the WWW was put together the story dates back to 2013 and is still ongoing. It will be updated shortly but it does get repetitive !! In particular notice the promise of dates and recurring deadlines!

27th August 2022 Andorra La Seu airport update.


It is now nearly a year since Air Nostrum took to the skies from Andorra La Seu airport with a twice a week scheduled service to Madrid. We are told that on average there has been a 52% occupation on the flights and are keen to explore an expansion of this network to include an extra flight on Wednesdays specifically aimed at businessmen. However, the 52% load factor cannot be that encouraging, simple research indicates that simplistically a load factor of 70% is generally required for profitability, although there are many other factors that affect the yield from the route. The continuation of this Air Nostrum route is going to (continue to) rely on the agreed subsidies with the Andorran government.

There have been teething problems in the planes had been diverted to Lleida airport with air safety regulations and the length of the runway stating that the planes cannot land at more than 30°C air temperature. Summer temperatures surely is something that someone, somewhere would have known about! A recent technical study though apparently has recommended a favourable outcome and once that is approved then the flights will be allowed to land at temperatures as high as 37°C. However, at the other end of the scale planes have also been diverted due to snow, high winds, and adverse weather conditions. These last scenarios have always been inevitable. Air Nostrum itself had to be rescued in 2021 after a 129 EUR million loss due to the pandemic. They received EUR111 million subsidy to tide them over, hopefully they will continue as a going concern.

This winter should also see scheduled flights again to Majorca, so very slowly things are falling into place but are by no means on lift off.

December 2021 Air Nostrum scheduled services have started.....

Air Nostrum has now started schedules services from Andorra La Seu Airport, twice per week each Friday and Saturday to Madrid. The carrier, a subsidiary of Iberia, operates an ATR 72 prop with 64-68 seats. The flight time is set down as 1h 45 which does sound a little slow. The online booking seems quite easy and starts with only hand luggage from 140 EUR economy return and business class from 405 EUR return. As always with economy if you want to book specific seats, take luggage etc then those add-ons add up. Initial flights were 41% capacity, one wonders whether Covid may take a toll on this new route, Air Nostrum has the concession for 12 months, renewable by agreement. This airport has been on the receiving end of many cynical reviews and the butt of many jokes over the years (well they asked for it!), now, let us wish them all the best on the new venture. By the way, some publicity on access routes, buses etc would be good. At least parking is free, not sure for how long though....

July 2021 Andorra Airlines schedules new start date for flights

Formed in 2015 and having rescheduled and delayed inaugaural flights several times, apparently scheduled 3 times a week flights to Madrid and once a week to Palma and Porto have been announced, although a spokesman from the airports of Catalunya has denied any knowledge of the plans. The inaugaral flight is set down for (a date to be announced) August, subject to tying up some loose ends such as operations, administration, and support. Once these teething problems are ironed out then tickets will go on sale for as yet an unknown price but only through certain travel agencies and there will not be an online sales outlet. The price we are assured,  will not be more than taking a car to Lleida, parking and then getting the fast train AVE to Madrid. One would hope that planning this since 2015 would have allowed some more pricing and ticketing structure, let`s see (again)!

April 2021.. MH370 puzzle, Andorra Airlines beats that hands down.

On 19 February 2021 with great (well some) fanfare arrived in its full livery the Andorra Airlines aircraft ( See below - a company long ready for operating out of La Seu since 2015) ready for a March 15th take off for scheduled flights. Apparently the boss here CEO Jorge Soriano obtained the aircraft on a wet lease since February 2021 from Canary Fly Airlines. That means that Canary Fly will not only provide the aircraft but also the pilot and crew who presumably sat around in La Seu and getting their golf handicap down. Due to a sudden realisation of a global pandemic and mobility restrictions that had been in force for 12 months already the date of the inaugural flight was postponed until mid April, good for that handicap. The problem was that the aircraft was spotted leaving La Seu Airport in mid March for "maintenance" according to the CEO and that it would return for an inaugural flight in Mid April. According to eagle eyed plane spotters it was de leased to Andorra Airlines in March 2021 and has been spotted flying the old Canary Islands routes. Supposedly the inaugural route from La Seu would have been Madrid and with nowhere to book and no plane to fly, the business plan does not look that encouraging. Their website however is optimistic although lacking in those important details such as schedules, prices, bookings, on board entertainment etc. The photo below probably sums that up from their own website!
Andorra airport publicity

March 17th 2021    Grau Roig to Dubai now!

Having become bored with the waiting game for La Seu Airport it seems all may now be an irrelevance as Grau Roig International becomes a reality at least in the minds of some who must have a vested interest, (or are just plane bored (get it ???)). Boeing 737s will whisk you and an estimated half a million passngers away directly to Dubai and Kinshasa ( Maybe there is a Rwanda connection again?) and back again in seemless comfort. That is though until you try to land back in Andorra because they are planning a runway of 1800 m, but unfortunately 30 m shorter than the minimum length of runway required and that also is at sea level, not the 2,000 m altitude at Grau Roig. Simple maths by someone not involved in this or any other project states that at this altitude a 1% increase in runway length is required for each 30.48 m of altitude, so the minimum length will have to be a 65.6% increase to the proposed runway length of just shy of 3,000m, not including considerations for wet or icy temperatures. The estimated cost initially 200m EUR seems to have miraculously dropped from a soon after announced increase to 750m EUR  is now back to a modest 345m EUR so at least the budget is under control!!. There is already a simulation of a landing at Grau Roig International below, this is for an A320 that fortunately only needs 1,780m of runway, well within the planned 1800m length ( it it were at sea level). It is interesting to note the scenic approach which the planners say will not affect the environment of Andorra, note also there will be no problem with visability as anyone can see all of the mountain terrain quite easily.... Coming next, Andorra's project to put a rover on Jupiter - ahead of schedule...

May 30th 2021..The Government admits it ain´t gonna work!!

The latest study has admitted that there will have to be 50 empty seats (on a 90 seater aircraft) for an aircraft to land safely at Grau Roig International airport providing the runway is dry, visible to the naked eye during daylight only, no tail wind of more than 10 knots, and so it goes on. In most countries there would be an outcry and a call for investigation into the use or misuse of public funds....

Please observe the terminal buildings which style seems remarkably similar to the architect responsible for Edifici Flinstones in Ordino, oh yes and it started snowing after the landing ( did anyone notice?).

March 2021 - Post pandemic update - well, not there yet, neither are scheduled flights..

Introducing Andorra Airlines, well it was formed in 2015 and has been waiting patiently for the green light. The livery of the first aircraft with the Andorra Airlines an ATR72 with 50 places has been spotted landing passengerless at La Seu Airport, and guess what it has announced scheduled flights to and from Madrid starting from 15th March 2021. That's the good news, on the downside after 6 years planning they have not yet decided on price tickets nor an exact schedule, so if you don't mind waiting until whenever the flight is and at whatever price then get packing.

No mention of booking a seat though to Madrid even in a coach. In fact the timing of this startup in the middle of a pandemic where the ski resorts are officially not open here and still severe restrictions for businesses and movement around Madrid one wonders at which market they are aiming at. We all in Andorra would like to see this airport finally have options for travel around Europe but it still seems some way away.  La Seu d'Urgell triangle seems to have one up on the Bermuda triangle in that whole airlines disappear rather than individual planes!

June 30th 2020.. The airport may no longer have a place on the Cynic's page!!

It is reported today that the Government is negotiating with Iberia and Air France for regular flights to and from La Seu airport, although the destinations, frequency, costs, and other peripherals have yet to be announced. One hopes that this is not just another shoot from the hip report that has so often blighted this start, no start airport. Now the airport has the GPS installed and the license from Madrid to operate we can expect some morale boosting reports of queues for landing slots and direct flights to Sydney, BUT... lets wait, see and hope !!

April 2020 -  GPS approval from the Spanish Government

At last the GPS proximity system for aircraft has been approved by the Spanish Government. After absolute years of procrastination, politics and just about anything else  to get the airport a commercial license to operate. The cynical histrionics as outlined below detail the often farcical process of this airport since inception and dates back to before the internet was invented. Airlines came and went, ideas came and went out of the window, in fact so much went for a walk we all were rather lost at times. So what does this now mean???  Well, commercial flights will be easier to get permission to operate and yes we are nearer to scheduled flights than before. However the timing of course to get this hurdle cleared is not the best in view of what the world is suffering from. It will remain to be seen whether:-

  • There are airlines ready to apply for a license to operate the route
  • Whether enough passengers will make any of these routes profitable
  • Whether they charge for parking !!!
  • Quite a few other things such as viruses

Anyway let's see. we have got this far finally!

August 2019 - Really ? Sponsored Ads way off target !!

This picture is self explanatory! Yes a sponsored Ad that is way off target. Blue skies, no mountains, an aircraft that is too big to fly into any airport near or planned for Andorra. "Ridiculously low prices" eh? Ridiculous advert more likely.
Cheap flights to Andorra

12th February 2018 -  Viatges Regina having another go at charter flights.

Viatges Regina in 2015 ran a route between Madrid, Palma and La Seu. After finishing with a disastrous 30% capacity they are trying again and from 8th March to 1st April are running charter flights from Madrid and Marsella to La Seu for the end of the ski season. There are 912 places up for grabs on 48 flights every Friday and Sunday between those dates with a fixed price of 110 euros aiming for a capacity of more than 60%, presumably that is their break even target. As at 31st January they have announced  45 seats had been sold and were optimistic, brave faces apart that is 4.9%. Whilst the author is guilty of being cynical we all wish the airport and operators all the very best as it is good for Andorra, however although their website invites you to reserve, I have not seen three billboards outside ebbing Andorra, nor any other advertising here?? (Post note: OK there are adverts in the Diari d'Andorra and local rags- but its not enough !!)

December 2017 - Another, further, different airline......

Swiftair this time, another company dreaming of operating flights from La Seu to Barcelona, Madrid, Frankfurt, London and so on. They even have 2 aircraft that can start immediately, one of 50 seats and one of 60. The problem though remains with the GPS system and any hope that Madrid would front up with funding are long dashed by the independence dream of their Catalan neighbours. The official line from Spain though is that they have not the necessary safety guarantees for operating the GPS system in limited visibility, not that that is going to get resolved since they cannot remove the mountains nor change the weather. So the saga drags on with no apparent resolution. Air taxis and private planes can operate but realistically there can't be a great deal of demand ?

22nd July 2016 Time for an Airport update at La Seu.

A 45% increase in operations to 2000 takeoffs and landings compared to 2015. That is the proud announcement, sadly none of these are commercial. They are still waiting for the GPS system and other systems that allow the airport to operate in limited visibility. This is a stumbling block for commercial flights to say the least,  but it has not stopped Nielson,the large UK tour operator announcing that it intends to fly ski charters from the UK to La Seu this coming season. Whether or not that materialises remains to be seen. Viatges Reina that last year ran the first summer scheduled service ( well. four flights in all)but  is not operating this year despite insisting that last year's occupancy rate was a success ! Nothing further either on Andorra Airlines, Air Pyrenees, Air Andorra and all of the other transient ideas, one day I can write some good news I hope.

10th May 2016 - The usual tedious, repetitive update on the airport !!

Well April came and went, and when it comes to communication (communication encompasses any form of communication involving words, spoken, written or signed) we hit the wall. I have dug up a couple of interesting websites which should be communicating something?  First the official airport website: is a complete mess, and then the airline that promised to start by April 2016 was Andorra Airlines (now defunct !!) the last press release was 2nd February 2016. You can even search for scheduled flights in skyscanner here but you won't get very far. I think it may just be time to put this airport to rest after all of this will anyone have any confidence in the safety equipment, baggage handling, coffee machines? "R.I.P."

3rd February 2016 Andorra Airlines and scheduled flights from April 2016 but no Government endorsement.

I am not sure who or what Andorra Airlines are, Air Andorra came and went and now Andorra Airlines is promising scheduled flights from La Seu Airport starting in April. That is providing the GPS system ( ILS) is up and running. Interestingly they are scheduling flights to Madrid, Lisbon, Paris and even London once the problems surrounding the Schengen entry point is resolved with Immigration and Customs. The airline states that it is not intending to be a low cost airline, nor is the service to match a large airline such as Emirates, so somewhere in between with the lowest price for a single set at 102 euros and the most expensive will be London at 264 euros for a single. The company is looking at 24,000 passengers a year in 500 operations of their fleet of ATR42 and ATR72 aircraft with a seating capacity of 40 to 70 passengers with an investment of 45 to 60 million euros. One of the founders of the airline Soriano though is one of those 45 persons pending charges for fraud and corruption in the high profile Mercuri affair in which several mayors and public officers in Sabadell ( Spain, not the bank) allegedly decided to act rather dishonestly. The company has rigorously stated that this will not affect the objectives nor the reputation of the company. Yesterday Soriano presented the new airline to Andorran public and the press in the Congress centre, sadly no Government Minister or Official attended, an official spokesman stated that Government endorsement was not prudent in the light of the serious charges against Soriano in Spain. Why couldn't this fledgling airline be fronted by one of the other founders, or why not just call it BPA, Banca Privada Airlines? Cynicism apart, we sincerely hope that commercial flights are very soon a reality.

20th December 2015 - A380 Airbuses...soon...

The proposed airport project is getting really tedious now. The new urban plan for La Seu forecasts an annual 15,000 flight operations of 80 metre wingspan aircraft which will mean between 140,000 and 200,000 punters per year. The hangar capacity, currently 5, is forecast to increase to 14 within the plan but the runway extension to 1387 metres as in the urban plan of 2009 and the extension to 1500 metres as in 2011 has been shelved: The runway currently is 1287 metres long.  Just looking though at what these projections entail, 15,000 operations per year even if we accept that an operation is both a take-off and landing means that each day the airport is forecast to have 40 or more flights. What is more worrying is that the 80 metre wingspan exceeds the wingspan of an A380 by 0.2 metres hence the reference in the title. Unfortunately the minimum runway requirement for an A380 is around 3,000 metres and with the altitude of La Seu airport being 802 metres, we would be looking at an airport runway extension to probably the first tee at Aravell golf course. Whether or not all this nonsense is a timely release around Spanish elections time it is school boy material, come on guys just open the ?>@@@y airport !!

12th December 2015 - Another blow for La Seu Aiport.

The airport has been dealt another significant blow in being caught up now in Catalunya/Spain politics, specifically there is a stalemate on funding from Madrid, certainly before the Spanish Elections to be held on 20th December. Once again the funding for the GPS proximity system ( pointed out by one reader that maybe it should be referred to as an Instrument Landing System ( ILS)) is a sticking point in that Madrid now is unwilling to finance that with the management of the airport 100% under the control of the Generalitat ( of Catalunya). The recent referendum for independence has not endeared Madrid to rush to help. That then really dashes any commercial ski packages as was being planned as without this navigation system it cannot operate in winter (and should really be in place for any commercial flights). Regina Viatges that last year arranged some charter flights from Madrid, La Seu and Palma may again be interested in that this year with a possibility for Setmana Santa, although that is going to depend on this wretched navigation system that for some reason no-one had thought about at the planning stage ( as if they didn't have time !!) - NUFF SED !!

15th September 2015 - New Air Taxi service planned.

A new all Andorran company offering air taxi services is being formed. The new company called " El Teu Soci Aeri " will operate 8 seater aircraft with a range of 3,000 km and be based at La Seu Airport. Very soon they expect to have a website up and running with an online booking service. This is good for Andorra, we wish them all the best and look forward to pricing and booking information. As yet there has been no start date announced.

11th September 2015 - Things moving in the right direction now...

Madrid has agreed to foot the 100,000 euro bill for GPS equipment that assists aircraft in bad weather which is a requirement for winter flights (see the article below). In a meeting yesterday with the Spanish Secretary General for Transport it was agreed that this should be able to be completed before this winter. That really then does offer opportunities for commercial flights. Also very importantly the Spanish looked favourably at flights from outside Schengen area such as London where Immigration and Customs would be required to meet and greet stating that this would not be a problem in their eyes. Fingers crossed !

3rd September 2015 - Post Summer update.

The weekly packages to Palma and Madrid during August turned out to be a flop for Viatges Regina with 30% capacity undermining hopes of a profitable charter that required a minimum of 50% capacity. Originally the same company was wanting to venture into the winter ski season with chartered flights but they now say in the absence of a GPS system at the airport to assist in adverse weather conditions (Some-one will have to front up with the estimated cost of 100,000 euros) this will not be possible. It seems strange that up to now no-one had considered that without a GPS system that the airport would not be able to operate in the winter? Yesterday during a meeting with Andorran and French officials to improve the dreaded road from Pas de la Casa to France it was mentioned that the French may be interested in helping to run La Seu Airport. Seems they are beginning to clutch at straws but with no commercial flights on the horizon, why not? As far as Air Andorra is concerned there has been no update since January 2015, also with no sign of their one aircraft on the Madrid - Girona route I can only assume that the parking bill has drained the coffers?

23rd June 2015 - Am trying to stay with the facts but my cynicism won't let me.

It is now 2 months since Air Andorra delivered its 2 month deadline to whoever manages the airport, the only airport with a runway made of fudge where the last plane spotter is now on an intravenous drip. Don't get me wrong we all want this to work and we will hopefully be proven right when the packages in the article from 20th May below are closed due to overbooking. Somebody the other day mentioned that somebody had heard of a rumour of flights from La Seu this summer but could not find any information: Mind you a week in Magaluf "all inclusive" with balcony jumping might just not appeal to an Andorran family. Air Andorra did mention in January that it was starting the cursed route from Girona to Madrid ( see below) while waiting for the paint to dry at La Seu but on a search of flights I can only find KLM on that route at 2,800 euros via Amsterdam on a 11.15 hour flight. Any reader who has managed to spot an Air Andorra aircraft other than in a museum please do let me know. For the summer packages I am actually now more optimistic since I started writing this article as I have found that our local minibus service Novatel seem to have become partners.

20th May 2015 - La Seu Airport to offer weekly packages over this summer.

Although a long throw from the start of scheduled services which now once again seem a distant dream, one tour operator has decided to test the water this summer with weekly packages from La Seu ( Now named "Andorra-Pirineus") to Palma Majorca, and to Madrid. There will be 5 departure dates, 18th and 25th July, and 1st, 8th and 15th August with the following timetable on those dates:

10.00 Dep Madrid arr La Seu 11.30.

12.30 Dep La Seu arr Palma Majorca 13.40

14.25 Dep Palma Majorca arr La Seu 15.40

16.30 Dep La Seu arr Madrid 1800.

The packages for one week with flight included  (The article for some reason says FIVE days in Madrid?) is 925 euros for Madrid and from 480 to 860 euros for Palma. In truly local style there is no link or information to any booking centre, no info on type of accommodation, transfers, parking charges, but I  have tracked down this promotion for Palma ( though nothing on Madrid yet). Please click on thumbnail above to enlarge.

23rd April 2015 - Deadline given to La Seu Airport Management to get their act together.

Andorra Air has effectively given an ultimatum to La Seu Airport to resolve matters within 2 months or they will pull out unconditionally from any commercial flights there. The problem appears to be that a Spanish company that bidded in good faith for the emergency and essential services contract for the airport were horrified to discover that the contract had already been awarded to someone's mate there. This company has made an official complaint with the Courts and this is effectively blocking the final thumbs up for commercial flights ( Private and Air Taxis still occasionally use the airport). For the history of this saga please scroll down, but sadly Air Andorra is the only surviving and patient enough contender for operating regular services initially to and from Barcelona.

24th March 2015- Another Airport snippet.

Confirmed today that since the new airport at La Seu received its license for air taxis to use the airport on a commercial basis on January 8th 2015 the number of arrivals was zero. This breaks down to a monthly average of zero..... not a sausage. Meanwhile Air Andorra is still opting for the cursed Girona to Madrid route, I am still not sure what their problem is or was with operating into La Seu. Their website says that reservations will now be able to be made from April 2015, this has been updated from February 2015.

7th February 2015- Now what is Air Andorra doing?

Air Andorra now intends to start flights from Girona to Madrid in March 2015. It apparently has a plane itching to fly but yet more delays at La Seu ( very "unannounced" I must say) means that contrary to the scepticism of the Government of Catalunya they think they can make a go of this route. Here is the history of this route which is considered by aviation experts as "cursed": Iberia saw the first regular flights from 1969 to 1980. In the 90s a little known company called Sipan took over the route to no avail, since then other companies that have been trying their luck on the cursed route Girona-Madrid were Air Nostrum, Air Europa, Air Catalonia, North Flying, Futura International Airways, Flightline and Spanair. The last company to do this was good old Ryanair from 2007 to 2012. La Seu Airport flights seem ever more distant.....

25th January 2015 Another further and different La Seu Airport update:

Has the airport opened or not?  I quote from the airport website "The Andorra-La Seu-la Seu d'Urgell has begun its voyage today (Thursday 08 Jan 2015) as commercial airport, once completed the process to convert the facility into a public and commercial airport" . Air Andorra website also gives no clue with Air Andorra starting their Barcelona flights "very soon", although how soon is unknown since Air Andorra website has not been updated, nor when you try to find out by phone is anyone the wiser. At least an air taxi service has also expressed and interest, so let us see how 2015 pans out. Plane spotting enthusiasts can click here.

21st October 2014 La Seu Airport update

Air Andorra intends to start flights at La Seu Airport to and from Barcelona this November. Air Andorra which actually has nothing to do financially with Andorra has recently been the subject of discussion at high levels as to whether any objection should be made with what is a foreign company using the word "Andorra". Perhaps the powers here have not heard of free publicity before. Air Andorra still intends to offer flights to Barcelona at € 75 for a one way fare.
POST NOTE R.I.P Air Andorra !!

12th September 2014 - News on the new airport at La Seu, but not all good!

Following the article below dated 13th March 2014, Andair, that airline that was formed with Andorran partners who were soon sent packing, has announced that its inaugural flight will be in November 2014. Thats the good news, the bad news is that it will be between Barcelona and Murcia. Apparently we are all still waiting for the terminal to be completed at La Seu and of course the CAA blessing. Ho hum...another summer gone. While we are waiting, here is an aerial photo of the airport.

13th March 2014- Update on La Seu Airport (From 14th December 2013 below).

Air Andorra is due to start operations this summer from La Seu Airport, minus the former Andorran shareholders with whom the Spanish side fell out of bed. A spokesman said that they will offer day and overnight packages from Barcelona for shopping and visiting Andorra. Also an agreement has been reached with 5 Russian airlines for a direct transfer from Terminal 2 at Barcelona. The price of a one way ticket is set to be €75 for the 25 minute flight and they would like to operate 5 return flights daily from La Seu. They are aiming to attract 120,000 passengers in the first year of operation with eyes on other destinations including Toulouse, Lisbon, Madrid, Majorca, Ibiza and others. The increase in share capital will enable the company to buy a 46 seater aircraft, a twin turbo ATR-42 320 to cover the 5 daily return flights (I presume another one or two would be good for down-time and mechanical problems). Let's hope this now goes ahead smoothly and we wish them all the best.
Hot on the heels of the farcical historical attempts to open the local airport at La Seu and now that that this seems finally solved with an an opening in the summer of 2014, it may now open without an airline. It seems that there is severe disagreement between the Spanish shareholders and Andorran shareholders of the new airline Andair on how to operate the airline. So much so that decisions are allegedly being taken without consulting their Andorran counterparts. What I cannot ascertain is where the experience of actually operating an airline is in all this. I can only rationalise that this cannot be coming from this side of the border, if indeed such vital input even exists within the company. Suffice to say that the Spanish business projection is for 60% occupation and a 12% operating profit ( A single flight from La Seu to BCN will cost 75 euros) and the Andorran contingent business projection is for 100,000 passengers/visitors to be brought to Andorra in the first year of operation: Without any costings for this influx of 100,000 maybe the Spanish have a point ? Perhaps with an operating loss of one euro per passenger this may decimate the share capital of 100,000 euros in the first year, it would appear that the shareholders don't seem too committed with the amount of upfront capital invested ? Have I missed something?

Andair is the Company at the forefront of readiness for the final opening of La Seu Airport due to receive its CAA license in the summer of 2014. A spokesman for Andair has indicated that the company will be formed and ready for operations by April next year.
Andair will operate a fleet of Brazilian made Embraer 120 regional turboprops with a seating capacity of 27 – 30 seats.  The airline intends to offer over a hundred weekly low cost flights, with the star destination of Barcelona with 73 weekly flights followed by Palma de Majorca with 5 flights, Madrid with 4 and 3 flights a week between Toulouse, Lisbon or Oporto.
If all goes according to plan this should benefit Andorra  and I am sure everyone wishes this new venture all of the very best.

13th September 2013. La Seu airport finally taking off.

POST NOTE: This headline could easily be updated to say "13th September 2019. La Seu airport still trying to take off!"

Announced today, the million euro investment needed to bring La Seu airport up to speed will be paid by the Catalunya Government and Andorra will only play a role in the management. This stumbling block cleared means that the target date for receiving commercial flights is the summer of 2014. They expect the airport to be quite active and the authorities noted that there have been 7,000 private flights in and out over the past 4 years.  Andair seems to be the front runner, but international flights, particularly ex-Schengen offer additional hurdles such as customs and Immigration, let's see.

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