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Andorra news for Cynics. Where is the airport nearest to Andorra?

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Andorra Airport back on the radar but not where you think it is!

Yes, the planners have placed a "viable" airport with a runway of 2.5kms up between Grau Roig and the Bordes d`Envalira. The minimum cost with the cheapest facilities is estimated at a mere 200 million euros. Grau Roig airport would be a perfect location for Grau Roig, weather very much permitting which means in winter it would be better to drive up anyway. Perhaps the planners could include from the airport a 431kph Maglev (Magnetic Levitation)  train to Escaldes lake which would be good for Escaldes lake. I thought the elections were over ??

Photo showing the area for the Grau Roig Airport, construction has not yet started...

The new planned airport at Grau Roig Andorra

No news is not good news !!

The annual archives have now been reproduced by popular demand. Note that they are in a "as they were" format so you can follow various stories such as BPA, Airport, Casino etc...

In the beginning...well it was 2012!  Have a read of articles it is interesting to see how things (mostly) have not developed at all!

Yes the good old themes are still there....

Such as the opening of the new airport are still with us now and forever after......Amen.

BPA still smouldering, so are some of the old account holders  

Andorra Casino no winners yet Casino, no winners here and project still smoking at least it`s not losing money....yet!

So as a result no-one knows where to put the good old helipad ! Where is the Helipa for Andorra

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