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Andorra Residency How do I apply? What do I need?

If you have landed directly on this page, a big welcome to you. but I would advise that you first familiarise yourself with the different Categories of Residency and their requirements, and also who I am and my relationship with Andorra Immigration....See you back here later !!
Ok, so I have read everything I can, where do I begin?

a)   Contact me for preliminary advice by email. This can be important and may have a bearing on which category of residency and importantly which police certificates and proof of civil status you may or may not be requiring. Each case is relatively unique so individual circumstances need to be understood. I would advise not to just apply for documents without confirming with me your specific requirements. I also have a comprehensive database that I have built up over the years to guide you through whatever certificate and from whoever that you may need to apply for.

Call Jane Whittaker

b) The important first step to take is to look towards opening a personal bank account, at the same time if you are planning the company formation route you need to get the bank`s agreement in principle on your future company operations. Fortunately now for potential residents I can get clearance through compliance and the account opened by digital signature. This is a huge saving in time and is the recommended way forward. Please contact me for arranging that.

c)   Based on the advice and your circumstances and once we have compiled a checklist of documents required, apply for police reports and other required certificates and have them Apostillised.  Also be advised that from the date of issue of these documents the clock is ticking and you have 3 months from the date of issue of the earliest certificate to complete and present all the correct documents to Immigration, failing which you will be required to apply for new certificates. I should also be informed at this stage if there is any conviction listed whatsoever then you will not be allowed to apply under any of the categories ( from 2019).

d) In parallel we can discuss your property requirements and start to prepare a shortlist of viewings based on your requirements for your intended visit. As part of my relocation package I offer my local advice and knowledge to choose the right area and suitable properties with local registered and reliable agents.

Diary Check: Contact me some weeks or so as best you can before you intend to travel so I can arrange a schedule for you.

Advance notification for Andorra visitIt is important to agree dates in advance with me, there are appointments that need to be made and are not always easy. It is advisable, but not essential, to make two visits to Andorra, the first to complete any bank account formalities and consider property whilst you are perhaps waiting for your certificates to be Apostillised/ Legalised.

The second visit will be for the actual application with everything in place. If you choose to complete in one visit you should be here for two weeks minimum, and that depends on the bank account and property searches.

If two visits, allow 3-4 days for the first visit and perhaps 2-3 days for the second at application.

To assist your planned visit to Andorra please check this guide here for access and how to get here.

I can organise also for you both the obligatory residency requirements "post application" and also utilities, GPs, looking after mail and property,  and all of the essentials for settling in to a new environment.
So please get me started !!!

I would like to explore further, it seems Andorra has considerable advantages for myself and my family I will email Jane right now !!!.

All circumstances are individual and I have and want to ask some specific questions to get the ball rolling!

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