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EES, ETIAS, Schengen and Andorra, what does it mean and what do I need to do when I enter and leave the EU?.......

I now have uploaded for your bedtime reading the EU Andorra (proposed) Accord, warning, more than 7,000 pages, do NOT press print,  you will need a forklift truck and gobbledegook translators required...

What´s all this about having to learn Catalan for all types of residency? Do I need to start now?

A case study on passive residency renewal income requirements, do not get caught short!...

J W Serveis succeeds in the first ever bond exemption application under the new digital entrepreneur category,  but there is a reason as to why I will not use the term "nomad"  and what the disadvantages of freelancers will be......read on.....

Welcome to my websiteSolely dedicated to ResidencyAnd perhaps COVID in AndorraOnly facts for your decisionConflict of information elsewhere? Guaranteed correct as of today.Just read me........Then contact me......I don't bite It`s as simple as that!!

The thin blue line

Make Andorra your home

All the very best for 2024, my name is Jane Whittaker and I specialise in Andorra relocation and residency applications.  I am an Andorrana but was born in England. Over 37 years ago I fell in love with my ski instructor on a week's holiday and have been living in Andorra ever since and have two wonderful sons, a fairy tale movie perhaps!

But enough of that, lets get down to how I can help you.  "How can I become an Andorra Resident?"

I have been involved in Government administration for over 35 years and this my very own website is now more than 15 years old, being the foremost independent site that prioritised the residency process. There are now many other sites offering information on all aspects of Andorra, this one concentrates solely on the residency process, the reason why you are reading this!

Into 2024, I am increasingly alarmed by other agencies and companies new and not so new, clearly giving advice and information which is wrong and unprofessional, with the ever increasing complexity of categories and requirements you have reached the right website and it comes with a guarantee that where you see or are given conflicting information elsewhere, this site and my information is correct !!

Some years ago I realised that there was little or no up to date information on Andorra residency  out  there on the internet other than international or internet based organisations so I put together this website to inform you personally about Andorra and all the advantages that becoming a resident confers. The response has been one of gratitude really, from Australia to UK, India and all parts of the globe and the main thread of this feedback is “I didn't know Andorra had all this to offer" and "I had heard of Andorra but didn't really know where it was".
With three fixed appointments minimum per week at Immigration, I have over the years  built up a wealth of experience and knowledge on relocation to Andorra.

Residency advice
If your objective is to apply for Andorran residency this can be your new Andorra residency card. Maybe you have not considered Andorra before? Then read on as this site is solely dedicated as a personal guide for you and your family to start a new life in Andorra.
Andorra residency card is not a passport
The thin blue line

My website has that proven personal touch not an international chain, blog, or a Caribbean based expat forum, I live here and have built up over the past 35 years extensive contacts both in Government, banks, local estate agents to name but a few. I have successfully relocated many individuals and families from all parts of the globe and am fully familiar with  the documentation required and have an in-depth knowledge of the Government procedures. I would love to help you to settle in this country and I can make your Andorra residency card as painless as can be. I can assure you now that enjoying the benefits of Andorra is just a click away without any obligation and if you decide to proceed I am here personally to help you through the application process.

Only endorsed by the best!!

Jane Whittaker said " Families come here for the schooling, where children learn Spanish, French and Catalan. It´s a lovely place to bring them up, no crime...The lack of information about living and buying property there led her to start a relocation and residency agency..


"When Jane Whittaker arrived in the Principality of Andorra 25 years ago, this tiny country, wedged in the Pyrenees......

Sovereign Man

Jane Whittaker is our outstanding contact in Andorra. A British expat, she’s extremely well connected, discreet, and savvy.  
She’ll help you, www.sovereignman.com

All the links on this website are by recommendation only, no sponsors!

For that roof over your head, rent or puchase. Look no further - Roc Properties
Look no further Roc Properties

Free and without obligation initial advice on all aspects of becoming a resident in Andorra and includes advice on:

  • The most suitable hotels, areas to visit and where to avoid  when you visit, and most importantly I will meet you upon your arrival and spend time ensuring that you are familiar with the best aspects that Andorra has to offer,

  • Preparing all documents for compliance as required under current Andorran banking policy and on your visit, personally introducing you to a bank manager here and arranging a meeting for you with private investment banking should you wish to discuss investment through Andorran banks,

  • Arranging advice from professional tax advisers in Andorra, discussing the requirements for fiscal residency,

  • Arranging meetings with a lawyer to discuss and proceed with company formation and accounting support,

  • Co-ordinating your application including the completion and acceptance by Immigration of the full set of documentation, with personal guidance from my worldwide database of police and other required certificates,

  • Arranging viewings to suit your requirements for the rental or purchase of property through my trusted and partnered estate agents,

  • Arranging the basic insurance cover to satisfy Immigration requirements should this be required, or if more comprehensive cover is concerned arranging this also ensuring that the required declaration by Immigration can be signed and stamped,

  • Co-ordinating the removal to Andorra of your furniture and personal effects from anywhere in the world,

  • Assistance in importing cars that you may wish to bring with you or purchase in another country to take advantage of  the available concession for no import tax on cars for newly arrived residents, also sourcing cars and changing driving licenses,

  • Personal assistance in connecting and installing electricity, telephone, high speed fibre optics access up to 700 MB/s,mobile phones and that all important ski pass,

  • And any other advice on, GPs, Dentists, local living expenses, access, importing and exporting, local schooling, local wills, and just about anything relative to your relocation,

  • Or if you are just interested in property for investment or a ski holiday home near the pistes, let me weed out the suitable properties for you to view with my trusted local agent.

  • Post Application" services not only to see you through the period of settling in, but also to look after all your residential administration, registration, mail, property maintenance requirements and of course the renewals on the due dates.

What is the cost of living in Andorra?

I have compiled a guide on the cost of living in Andorra for various commodities and services.
The thin blue line

Probably not the latest Andorra news, that`s in the paper!
Views, opinions on local rags, the only real source of sarcasm...

What is the cost of living in Andorra ?
Living cost Andorra
An Itemised list as a guide
The thin blue line

Andorra, Soldeu hosted the 2019 World Cup Downhill Skiing Finals for the first time ever.

Andorra Soldeu 2019 World Cup

So far so good, what do I do now?

Without any obligation I can advise you right now on any subject relevant to Andorra, and if I don't have the answers I will find out for you the same day. Whether it's about moving to Andorra, the minefield of categories, a holiday home in the ski resorts perhaps, advice on tax issues, importing cars, starting a business and any other personal questions you may have.

You can telephone me directly on + 376 836255, or e-mail me on residency@livinginandorra.com  no filling in boxes to an anonymous website, or clicking on annoying ads, just ask me, I don't bite!!
Andorra is on the Earth
Choosing the right person or company to help and to advise in monumental and life changing decisions is the most important factor in relocating to and living in a foreign country, and with this in mind I look forward to hearing from you on any question you may have....
The thin blue line

OK, so I want to explore a little further, where do I start ?

The road to residency
Right here, follow the arrows to guide you through the categories and processes......

         it´s as easy as that.....

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