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Marriage in Andorra. What do I need to get married?

General Information
Getting Married in Andorra

How do I get married in Andorra?

Many people ask about the possibility of getting married in Andorra. Whilst it is eminently possible, there is the downside of the documents that are required to support the application for a marriage license. Please note that at least one of the contracting parties must be a resident, and that includes passive residency.

Documentation required:  These must be Apostillised / Legalised in the country of issue, if not from Andorra and each must have an official translation if not in Catalan, Spanish or French: (Please note that English for the purposes of this marriage application is not an accepted language for documents).

  • Passport or national identity of the two parties (as well as original at time of signing the intent to marry - see below)
  • Birth Certificate for both parties.
  • Certificate of no impediment for both parties.
  • Residence certificate or registration, stating where you are both currently resident.
  • For Andorran residents: Immigration residency card.
  • If you have been previously married, an official divorce record/certificate that shows the dissolution.

Once the Registry Office confirm that the documents provided are correct, normally a couple of days after, you must both present yourself to the Civil Registry to sign a declaration of intent to marry.

After the Registrar has examined all the legal requirements, the details of the intent  once approved will be published in the Official Gazette marriage proclamations of Andorra.

After 15 days from publication in the Official Gazette of the Principality of Andorra without any impediments or objections applicants will be personally notified of their ability to marry under license.

From that moment the applicants can contact a Parish chosen to marry and arrange the day and time to celebrate civil marriage (by church or registry office). This can only be done after the marriage license is issued.
If within six months after the issuance of the license the marriage does not take place the license will expire.

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How do I get married in Andorra
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