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Coronavirus Christmas

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So what are the detailed phases for the deescalation of Catalunya restrictions?

The four phase plan as below commenced from November 23rd 2020. Each movement to the next phase of de-escalation depends on the infection rate and hospitalisation rate, specifically this will mean that the RH rate (also known as RHO, Rt and others) must be below 0.9 and the number of weekly hospital admissions on the decrease. (Since these indicators will dictate whether or not there is a ski season in Andorra I will try to keep up-to-date figures here).  If both indicators are not pointing to the downside or not within those parameters then the next phase may either be delayed for two weeks or even in a worst case scenario the current phase may be pushed back to the previous phase.

Under these four phases the borders of Catalunya will remain closed unless there is justification for travel until 21st December providing the infection indicators are within the parameters to allow movement to the subsequent phase.

As for France, the current restrictions on travel and confinement for their present phase end on December 15th, when the borders with Andorra may open.

Unfortunately, Andorra is caught between a rock and a harder rock; the borders are open and there are no obligatory quarantine requirements here. The problem is access to both Andorran borders are closed to all but essential reasons for travel, and will continue to be closed on the Catalan side until 21st December and on the French side until 15th December.  In summary the Andorra ski season is dependent on the infection and hospitalisation rate in Catalunya.

Spain Proposed phases.

Phase 1 from 23rd of November until end 6th December:-

From Monday 23rd November phase 1 will mean that bars and restaurants can open between 0600 and 1700 both inside and outside with capacity reduced to 30%. The same opening hours will be for businesses and meetings of six people maximum. The same hours for curfew, travel and weekend travel will remain in place. The borders are closed to all but justified and essential travel.

Phase 2 from 7th of December to end 21st  December:-

Phase 2 will allow a capacity of 50% in bars, restaurants and businesses between 0600 and 1700, together with the additional restricted opening of cinemas, theatres and cultural centres. In this phase Catalans will be able to leave their municipal area during weekends but not from the Comarca,  a slight reduction in the current curfew restrictions. The borders are closed to all but justified and essential travel.

Phase 3 from 21st December to end 4 January, 2021:-

As above this may be subject to change, stay tuned !!
During phase 3 meetings of up to 10 people will be permitted with also the lifting of restrictions for travel between municipal areas during weekends. Bars and restaurants will be allowed to open until 21:00 hours and commercial centres can resume. From this date and if the phase is allowed to go ahead, the Andorran borders with Catalunya will be freely open for travel without justification.

Phase 4 from 4th January to end 17th of January:-

During this final phase it is intended that life will return as much to normal but subject to continuing capacity limits for economic, social, and cultural activities.

What are the current indicators in Catalunya given that these figures will determine whether or not there is a ski season in Andorra

     Infection rate (RH/Rt): 0,92  (+0,04)   and above 0,9 so overall indicator Phase 2 has been delayed 15 days.

  Hospitalisations: 1,591 total admitted (-83) and 438in intensive care (-11) (from day before).  Down and infection rate is below 0,9.

The infection rate in Catalunya dropped below 1,00 on 2nd November and has been below 1,00 since

However the map below reveals the hotspots.

Below is the graph of the RH/Rt level for the past few months

France deconfinement phases. Bars to remain closed until January 18th

The first phase from Saturday December 1st will allow most shops and businesses to open until 2100 at night, but travelling is confined to a 20 km radius for a maximum of three hours. This does not include accross the Andorran border.

The second phase will commence from 15 December when all confinement restrictions are lifted which will include Andorra borders, subject to infection rates.

Everybody will be able to travel between the regions for a family Christmas, but this will only be possible if the number of daily new cases is 5000 or below with 2500 - 3000 patients or less in intensive care. The night-time curfew between 2100 and 0700 will continue throughout but will be lifted for the night of the 24th and 31st of December only.  Bars will remain closed as will restaurants with heavy restrictions. From 1st January to 20th January the night curfew will continue and evolution of the virus will dictate confirmation of the dates of phase 3. ski resorts will remain closed.

The third phase from 20th of January 2021 will allow a virtual return to normal, with all bars and restaurants allowed to open, no curfew and freedom of travel.  However this is again dependent on the evolution of the virus. Ski resorts in France may only be allowed to open from 20th January 2021.

The statistics in France that matter...

4th December 2020

  • The number of new cases of infection was  + 14 064    (Must be below 5,000)
  • The number of patients in intensive care was 3,488      (Must be below 3,000)

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