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So what are the detailed phases for the deescalation of Catalunya restrictions?

The four phase plan as below commenced from November 23rd 2020 but has come unstuck with this second wave and has been consistently pushed back.

Each movement to the next phase of de-escalation depended on the infection rate and hospitalisation rate, specifically this meant that the RH rate (also known as RHO, Rt and others) must be below 0.9 and the number of weekly hospital admissions on the decrease. (Since these indicators will dictate how long the partial ski season in Andorra will last I will try to keep up-to-date figures here).  As both indicators did not point to the downside or not within those parameters then subsequent phases were either delayed  or even pushed back to the previous phase.

At this point the borders of Catalunya will remain closed unless there is justification for travel until 14th February 2021  with municipal confirnment, curfews and the usual social restrictions. However from 08/02/21 the border for travel with Alt Urgell only has been opened again.

What are the current indicators in Catalunya given that these figures will determine whether or not there is still to be a limited ski season in Andorra

          Infection rate (RH/Rt): 0,86 (-0,03) and finally back below 0,9.

        Hospitalisations: 2,635 total admitted (+63) and 694 in intensive care (+10) (from day before).  

Below is the graph of the RH/Rt level for the past few months

France deconfinement phases. Bars and ski resorts to remain closed throughout February

France has stepped up its fight against the virus and variants requiring everyone regardless of nationality to havea negative COVID test at least 72 hours before entering France by any means, and the border with Andorra is being closely monitored for all travelers.  Please note that as of 03/02/2021 this test must be a negative PCR or TMA, the rapid antigen test is NOT acceptable.

This together with social restrictions, curfew from 1800 to 0600 means that effectively France has locked down without specifically announcing it is locked down!

The statistics in France that matter...

It seems statistics do not matter, the borders did open on 15th December when daily cases were 11,533 with a target set for 5,000. The other indicator was that intensive care beds were below 3,000 and that squeezed in at 2,871, although that figure too is now on the rise!

If you intend to travel to Andorra via France, please read carefully the information here.
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