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Latest COVID news headlines...

The Pfizer batch has arrived and will mean that 47% of the population will be able to be vaccinated, just short of the 50% target to relax the wearing of masks and also to allow vaccinated people to mix freely.

There have been no reports in Andorra of any serious reaction to any and all of the vaccinations given.

From Sunday 9th May all perimetral mobility restrictions for Catalunya will be lifted, restrictions on inside capacity and the usual restrictions will remain. France has removed the 10KM restrictions for travel but the night time curfew and other restrictuions largely remain in effect.

For local vaccinations, the appointment message you receive will refer to a questionnaire which you can complete with them there or do in advance and you can print it from here and if you receive the SMS message calling you for the appointment at Pl. braus d'Andorra, the location is here and there is free parking.

The Government pre-inscription register for the vaccine is still open and you must register if you opt for the vaccination so please follow the link.

The latest for air travel into Spain from UK remains that unless you are a resident of Spain or Andorra you will NOT be allowed to check in. Evidence of a Notary or Immigration appointment for residency is not enough at least for British Airways to risk a fine letting you on the flight.

If you are leaving the UK to enter France to transit Andorra, and it is still the case from 15 March 2021 you do not need any essential reason to enter France but you need an approved reason to leave the UK.

If you are applying for residency and/or purchasing property here, that is a valid reason!! NOTE:- This route to Andorra is now proven to be relatively easy and no denials of entry to France have been reported both from residents of Andorra and those looking to come to buy property, apply for residency and some confirmation letter of an official appointment all seem to be working which we can prepare for you.

The golden rule remains that if you can get into Spain or France then you should be  OK to get to and into Andorra, BUT it depends who stops you and their belief or not in all of this, you are pretty much on your own......

Access to and from France and Andorra

France extends state of energency powers to 1st June 2021 to allow restrictions as required around the country. For UK nationals who are not residents of Spain or Andorra the entry ban is extended to 7th March 2021 together with Nationals of Brazil and South Africa.

The border is now open but there is a night time curfew for essential travel only between 1900h and 0600h. This essential travel includes transit to Andorra if you are applying for residency depending on circumstances. See para below for links.

To enter France please see these guidelines that are updated regularly.  A Covid test result (PCR or TMA only) or tests before departure and within the last 72 hours are in ALL cases required and you may be required to carry with you at all times the forms you need to download from the link above.

Access to and from Spain and Andorra

For travellers to Andorra who have arrived by air and entered Spain then there are no restrictions for you to transit to Andorra (except that you will have had to show a negative PCR test in the previous 72 hours before you boarded your flight), best to have with you proof of destination in some form ( Hotel booking, appointment, anything that looks official). I have still had NO problems reported in this second confinement about entering or leaving Andorra, so the border is considered to be open for business, making sure you have a Schengen multiple entry visa if that is required for your entry to the EU.

Access to enter or transit the EU to reach Andorra

The EU external borders are open to some countries, to find out global restrictions from each country, whether as a destination or departure please click on the map which will open in a new window so you can search entry and exit requirements. Please note that you MUST have a valid negative covid test done within 72 hours of arrival from a list of countries otherwise you may face a 6,000 euro fine. Most likely this will be required by the airline at checkin, but be warned.
Daily Figures for Andorra

The figures will continue to be updated as below as the virus continues to affect Andorra.

Latest Figures for Andorra - 07/05/2021

With no new cases since June 18th Andorra was......  sadly though as from 13/07/2020 this is no longer the case....

Total cases recorded in Andorra - 13,390 (+27) (since yesterday)
Total cases recovered -12,936 (+29)
Total active cases -  327 (-2)
Total deaths recorded  - 127 (+/-0)
Total patients in hospital in the COVID ward- 12 (-1) of whom 3 (+1) are in intensive care and
2 (+1) is on a ventilator.

With world wide figures AGAIN hitting a new daily high at over eight hundred thousand new cases, please see link for global figures below.....

Global Statistics....

Since global statistics are going ballistic in some parts of the world with a resurgence in those countries who announced they had beaten the virus, best to keep an eye on things ...

Stay safe.....
Use the interactive map link by clicking on the map below then choose the country from which and to which you are travelling for all the updates on restrictions..
Global travel restrictions

Historical events of the pandemic and how it all unfolded:-

Andorra was hit hard initially, responded impeccably, underwent unique population screening but has been squeezed between two countries whose routes out of the lockdown were never synced.
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