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Latest COVID news headlines...

Unless there are important announcements this page will now be historical and figures will no longer be updated from May 1st 2022.

The covid passport for Andorra residents is available, see here for the guide.

For local vaccinations, the appointment message you receive will refer to a questionnaire which you can complete with them there or do in advance and you can print it from here and if you receive the SMS message calling you for the appointment at Pl. braus d'Andorra, the location is here and there is free parking.

The Government pre-inscription register for the vaccine is still open and you must register if you opt for the vaccination so please follow the link.

Access to and from Andorra

The only access of course is to arrive via France or Spain. Please note that Andorra does not require any further testing for entry other than what the access country requires ( France or Spain).

For entry via France or Spain you must firstly check the exit requirements from your country of departure to enter France or Spain. You will need to check your departure country's regulations directly and each country is different, I cannot help for links on that.

There is a good interactive update map below which you can then click on France or Spain ( or any country on the globe) and see exactly what the entry requirements are and this is always up to date. Once you have clicked on a country you will see a scroll box to the right and you identify your criteria.

I am not posting an example here as as aways the situation is fluid and the intractive map is the source data.

When you click on this map you will be re-directed to the page which will open in a new window.

The Andorra COVID passport is available

By courtesy of France, Andorra has been allowed to join the EU Covid passport travel scheme. The Andorra EU Covid passport is now available either physically or digitally if you are an Andorran resident and have been vaccinated (two doses) in Andorra and this applies to passive residents alike.

You have two options: –

  • For the physical version you can go to the medical centre in your parish (known as CAP) with your Cass card or residency card and they will print out for you there and then and free of charge your Covid passport. Samples of this are below. If you wish to pick up somebody else's Covid passport then it does appear possible as long as you have a request and authorisation from that person.
  • For the digital version it is a little bit more complicated; you need to go to the Government or the Comú in person and with your passport (not residency/cass card) (residents of Sant Julia as of 17th August 2021 can apply at the Comú). You must request an E signature and this takes seven days to process, after which you will receive an activation email.  Please note that the application at La Massana Comu ( For La Massana residents) is virtually instantaneous and it appears that the Government tramits route is indeed taking 7 days at least. This E signature is far wider than just for Covid but it is required in order to activate the app. The app in question is called ANDORRA SALUT and can be downloaded from Google play and the iPhone App Store although for the latter it only appears available on the Spanish App Store as far as I am aware at this stage. There have been reported some difficulties in downloading and installing this app and without the E signature it will in any case be useless for travel. If you cannot download the app as you (for example) are on the UK  App store then either set up a Spanish App store account to download it or you can use the official French app Tousanticovid and take a photo of your physical passport QR code, this will allow you to have the digital version on your phone similar to the Andorra App.

If any reader has any further feedback for news then please do let me know and I will post it here for everyone's benefit.

Leaving Andorra - Travel requirements

No tests are required for entering France or Spain from Andorra. Depending on your country of destination you still may require a PCR test in Andorra since the results are next day only. That can be arranged in Andorra and emailed to you after entry to Spain or France if you are travelling from those countries.

Historical events of the pandemic and how it all unfolded:-

Andorra was hit hard initially, responded impeccably, underwent unique population screening but has been squeezed between two countries whose routes out of the lockdown were never synced.
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