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Andorra Borders and Access to the country:-

The EU has opened external borders to some international travellers. to nationals of 15 countries which list is now available here  (RWANDA?- Take the Rwanda quiz here). That is though providing you are allowed to travel from those countries ( For example Australia is impossible to leave unless in exceptional circumstances). There is a good interactive map here (new window will open) for all countries that detail their individual travel and quarantine requirements, except of course Andorra that is too small to click on and annoyingly is also left out of most International sites of this nature...

As EU leaders will continue to struggle to agree on any additions to the list, USA, Russia and Brazil are firmly out of the question and it seems once again that individual countries of the Schengen area each have their own often political reasons for which countries are left off or on (RWANDA?). If this policy is allowed to continue by Brussels, expect a very long period of list updates and upset countries.


For entry into France there is no need to prove validity of travel from EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, the UK, San Marino, Switzerland, the Vatican, and the 15 countries in the list above, nor are there any quarantine requirement. Other Nationals still have to prove essential travel and will face quarantine.

There is no restriction on entering Andorra from France or Spain for any national other than to observe distancing and hygiene requirements, and the quarantine rule for the countries not on the list above


Entry to Spain is now the same as to France and by extension into Andorra


Andorra borders are fully open to EVERONE without quarantine for the above nationals of the EU and the list. The problem remains of course is to how to get to Andorra if you are Ex EU as explained above. Andorra will follow EU quarantine requirements as and when they are announced for which countries. It can be "assumed" that arrivals in Spain and France who will transit to Andorra will only require quarantine in Andorra and not in the country of arrival. This is still yet to be confirmed.

Daily Figures for Andorra
The figures will continue to be updated as below as the virus continues to affect Andorra.

Latest Figures for Andorra - 01/07/2020

Total cases recorded in Andorra - 855 (+/-0)

Total cases recovered - 800 (+1)

Total active cases - 3 (-1)

Total deaths recorded - 52 (+/-0)

Patients still in hospital- 0

Since global statistics are worryingly on the rise at record levels, we had better keep an eye on that....

Historical events of the pandemic and how it all unfolded:-

Andorra was hit hard initially, responded impeccably, underwent unique population screening but has been squeezed between two countries whose routes out of the lockdown were never synced.
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