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Vaccination program Andorra

How Can I Help?
30,000 doses of Astrazenica have arrived today in the Principality. This is destined for essential services, over 60s and into the over 55s in the coming month. IF the uptake is rejected by some due to the adverse publicity then the younger generation may get called earlier!

Pre-inscriptions for the Andorra vaccination programme open

Vaccinations:- 09/03/2021 Over 65s who have registered are now being sent an SMS fom 129, it seems that the appointment is the next day and they give the second dose appointment exactly 3 weeks later. With only 30,000 registered so far ( see online registration below), it may well be that over 60s will be called sooner rather than later...

As from  24/02/2021 you are required to either go online or ring a specific number where you enter your residency card name and contact number as explained below in order to get on the register to prepare for the four phases of vaccinations where age groups will be given a priority. A further shipment of 30,000 Pfizer vaccinations has stared to arrive from March 8th, also arriving with more on order are the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccines as well as the Moderna type although the latter two shipments are unknown in quantity and arrival date.

So what do I have to do?

Firstly, there is no distinction between priorities of a passive or active resident or a person with a work permit vs Andorra citizens over 16 years of age, you are all to be treated as equals with the only priority being given to specific essential key workers which are listed on the link below.  If you hav ehad the virus you are advised to wait for 6 months at least before you get the vaccination as you will have the necessary antibodies (This is local Andorra advice but do your own research as more details on vaccination results emerge from around the world).

There are two ways to register and it is it seems obligatory to get on the register (clarification... It is only obligatory to register if you want the vaccine. Nothing in Andorra has been made obligatory for registration or vaccine if you do not wish to have). Once on the register you will receive in due course your appointment date and time and place by SMS or email or by phone call.

Method One- ONLINE

  • Go to http://govern.ad/preinscripcio/ and click on and then on the next page click on
  • Enter your NIA number - this is your residency number as on your card ( Núm de cens) such as 123456 H
  • Enter EITHER your Andorra mobile number without the international access or country code such as 334455 OR an international number without the International access code such as 341234567800
  • If you are not an essential worker in any of the listed bodies leave as "NO" and click on
  • Have your phone beside you and you will receive immediately by SMS a 6 digit code that you must enter on the next page.
  • You will then be asked to enter and confirm your email address and also enter the name and email address of an alternative person and relationship.
  • You will soon receive an email from "SALUT" that confirms your registration and says that you will be contacted when the appointment date and time is scheduled for your vaccination
  • Then... you wait....

Method Two-

  • Phone 775019 and have the details above to hand if possible. The English standard is unknown nor how busy the line will be.
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