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Finally, an international insurance company which is offering worldwide cover up to EUR 5 million that covers Andorran residents. Alongside this insurance offering AIU will be taking on the responsibility to sign the immigration declaration for all Andorran residents, including passive residents.
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Expat Healthcare is registered under the Financial Conduct Authority in UK and offers worldwide health-insurance with a choice of geographical global cover as well as Primary cover up to GBP1 million, Primary + cover up to GBP1.5 million, and Select up to GBP5 million.
All cover can be applied for and approved and paid for directly online, as well as any subsequent claims, with customer service available 24/7. The immigration declaration will then be completed and signed by the company as required and delivered to Andorra.
There is also an option for those of you that have local medical insurance but who do travel worldwide, an additional cover rather than a new health scheme. For this option, the company also offers Travel Health insurance, a reasonably priced alternative  to an existing policy (with your existing company undertaking to sign the immigration declaration)  that provides annual multi-trip plans that allow you to choose to be covered when outside your country of residence (Andorra) in either Europe or Worldwide; with maximum trip lengths of 42 or 90 days per trip.
For further information and a quote by email and without obligation please follow the following links: –

Health Insurance

Travel Insurance

Important notes

Only the links above will ensure correct registration with the company for the issue of the health declaration for immigration as they are routed through the authorised broker. If you use a direct link from the expat healthcare website, then any subsequent issue of the immigration declaration is by no means guaranteed. It has been a stipulation of the company that the links above should be specifically used for the purposes of facilitating the signing and stamping of the immigration declaration.

If you do wish to opt for healthcare insurance, please be reminded that your start date of the new policy must overlap the existing health cover as any gap in cover from your existing company will affect your renewal.

If you are in the process where you will be applying for residency in Andorra and require health insurance this can be completed at any time and the insurance declaration for immigration will be waiting for you and available prior to your application.
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Other insurances.

For the protection of your family also the company is also able to offer life insurance to Andorran residents, where family protection can be arranged online: –

Life Insurance


Also, I would be grateful for any feedback you may have if it would be advantageous to you to be offered car insurance policies in English rather than existing policies and conditions in Catalan. If enough of you feel this would be welcome, then we may be able to arrange it.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me and I shall endeavor to get answers for you.
Please note that I am not promoting or recommending the above insurance companies.
I am informing you that finally a worldwide insurance company has undertaken to sign the declarations for immigration, an issue about which so many of you have been complaining for so long!!
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